New 52 Review: Aquaman #2


Written by: Geoff Johns

Art by: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado


Review Score: 7 / 10

After a solid first issue from Geoff Johns , this issue of Aquaman moves by at a very slow pace . In fact not a lot happens story wise this issue. We see the carnage that is left after the Piranha looking creatures introduced last issue have had their fill of “food”. This prompts a local detective to track down Aquaman so that he can lend his unique skills to the investigation. The quieter scenes inside of Aquamans lighthouse apartment with Mera are good. You can tell she is completely enamored with him and you believe that they truly belong together.

This leads Aquaman and Mera to go and investigate the crime scene and all hell breaks loose. Again Reis and Prado knock the art out of the park with this book. The action scenes are all framed perfectly and there is a great sense of weight with each movement and attack . The creatures themselves are full of great detail including several tears in their skin and a very cool slimline yet grotesque body.

My biggest complaint is that these Piranha creatures continue to have only one motivation  , which is to eat . The ending however does show that they may have found their purpose for coming ashore now, and that is Aquaman himself. It ends with us being teased a future in which we will learn more about our antagonists and that’s just enough to make me hooked for the next issue. There is solid work continuing to be done here and I’m hoping for some answers come next issue .

Mike DeVivo

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