Netflix Renews ‘Dear White People’ for Season 2

Netflix has renewed Dear White People for a second season.

The series, which is a continuation of the 2014 film of the same name, will return in 2018 with ten new episodes. Justin Simien, the showrunner (who also wrote and directed the original film), told the Hollywood Reporter: “There are a lot of things that we planted in this first season that you may not even notice at first glance that culminate in that moment that I’m really excited to explore, and I’m not going to talk about until I actually get to do it.” He has also expressed interest in doing more to examine the interiority of the central characters, something which has been a bit lacking in the series.

That being said, Dear White People is a show about a diverse group of students navigating the allegedly “post-racial” atmosphere they encounter at an Ivy League school with a primarily white student body. Whether this means addressing the way racial tensions are swept under the rug, or dealing directly with the consequences of a security guard brandishing a gun at an unarmed black student attending a house party, the show is analytical, fair, and utterly self-aware of how some may be put off by that title. (Which, if you are put off by that title, give it a try anyway. The show is nothing like you think it is.)


The critically acclaimed Dear White People is joined by a host of other recent renewals. Bill Burr and Michael Price’s animated F is for Family was also renewed for a third season, and fans of the cancelled Sense8 were promised a two hour final episode to conclude the series. The latter show’s conclusion was only granted after a massive, outraged social media campaign came to the series’s defense.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited Dear White People will be getting a second season?

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Joseph Rejent
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