‘Netflix’ prepares to get ‘Lost in Space’

Danger Will Robinson! Netflix, in an never ending attempt to bring better programming to the masses has decided to reintroduce a classic TV series to a new generation. They have put an order in for 10 episodes of a Lost in Space reboot. Zack Estin, writer for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and No Ordinary Family will act as the showrunner.

The original series ran for three season and featured the stories of the Robinson family and Major Don West who are sabotaged by Dr. Smith (who becomes a stowaway thanks to his actions) and find themselves unable to get back home. The series featured them exploring the uncharted galaxy in their spaceship the Jupiter 2 with the help of a robot (simply called robot) in an effort to find a way to get back to Earth.

This is not the first attempt to revive the classic series. Back in 1998, a film featuring Gary Oldman and Matt Leblanc made an attempt to capture the magic of the original series. Unfortunately, most feel the movie missed its mark and currently it sits at a 27% on RottenTomatoes.

The series will arrive on Netflix sometime in 2018. With any luck this new series will find a way to capture the right mix of comedy and science fiction which made the original series so entertaining. As long as it features a cool robot, many will hopefully get on board and get lost.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendelhttp://www.thegiganticproject.com
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