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NECA Debuts The Craziest Mix Of DC Comics and Horror Films At Toy Fair ’17

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NECA Shows Superman & Batman Taking On Predator & Alien!

DC Comics and the horror genre come together to showcase the craziest battle ever! Toy company NECA unleashed these beautiful 7″ Scale figures at Toy Fair ’17. Place your bets now for who you think wins this insane matchup.

This collection of figures is based on 2007 comic from DC and Dark Horse. The 2-issue mini series featured the four iconic characters fighting in an incredibly fun read. While Batman vs Predator and Superman vs Aliens already happened, this was the team up and one of the only times you see a Xenomorph and Predator working together.

One of my favorites in the collection is the terrifying Joker/Alien mashup! Also, the armored suit Batman in this toy is such an awesome upgrade of the ‘Batman v Superman‘ suit.

According to, these NECA figures will see a Q3 2017 release.

Monkeys Fighting Robots T-shirt store

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