Mythical Detective Loki – An Alternative Norse Mythology

These days, it seems most of us know our Norse gods and goddesses from their portrayals in Marvel comics or just from Thor and Thor: The Dark World. I don’t claim to have known much of anything before Thor came out as a movie, and it certainly influenced how I pictured the gods’ actions and personalities. Thor is a triumphant hero, Heimdall is all-knowing and just, and Loki is an evil and jealous madman.

Norse Mythology

What about a completely different narrative? A Norse myth where it’s all different? Recently I ‘ve been watching just that, the 2005 anime Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. It’s a completely different take on Norse Mythology. iIt’s done in a Supernatural style occult detective format, with short 25-minute episodes. If you can adjust to the slightly more cartoonish style and tone, it’s a very compelling and engrossing anime.

Mythical Detective Loki

The story follows Loki, who has been banished from Asgard for an unknown crime by Odin and is trapped on Earth in the form of a child. In an attempt to regain his godhood, Loki works as a private detective fighting supernatural evil with the help of his butler, Yamino, and his human love-interest mystery loving high-school student Mayura. Eventually Odin sends various gods and monsters to Earth to kill Loki, notably Heimdall, the three Norns and the Goddess Freya. Heimdall is interestingly portrayed as a petty and manipulative schemer consumed by hate. Thor is of course a major character and Loki’s ally.


It’s very refreshing to see a story in which Loki is presented as not just a good guy, but as a tragic hero. He’s still very much a trickster god, but he uses mischief for good. The portrayal here seems probably more true to the source material of the myths. It’s a great contrast to Marvel’s portrayal of the character as villain.

Conlan Murphy
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