‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 60 Review: “A Talk About Your Quirk”

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MY HERO ACADEMIA hits another milestone with unrelenting action and tension. Rivalries are stoked and stakes are raised for the young heroes. Even though the Provisional Hero License Exam ends, this episode doesn’t lose any momentum. MY HERO ACADEMIA clearly knows how to keep viewers enticed. This episode proves the show has a mastery over its world.

The end of the Provisional Hero License Exam brings about some serious change for the series. As expected, not every 1-A student passed – what’s surprising is the two who failed. Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki not passing is a great twist to end the Exam arc on. Toga impersonating Camie was totally unexpected, and the reveal was well done. Ending the episode on Bakugo challenging Izuku Midoriya to a fight was a stellar cliffhanger to end a solid entry on. MY HERO ACADEMIA packs a lot into one block, but it’s all great in its own way.

The theme tying this episode together is rivalries. MY HERO ACADEMIA has several pairs of enemies, and this episode utilizes them well. Midoriya’s rivalry with Bakugo is, in many ways, a backbone of the show. This episode explores how that feud has evolved – particularly for Bakugo – and it’s fantastic. The conversation between All Might and All For One is also strong. While the villain’s “you’re just like me” bit is a tired trope, the two powerhouses have an intriguing argument, highlighting their history. Even Todoroki and Inasa Yoarashi get a nice beat, following their mid-exam fight. These various interpersonal conflicts fuel an excellent episode.

Throwing Midoriya from one fight to the next is great. Not only does the action continue, but it’s another landmark for Midoriya’s development. This episode mostly highlights Bakugo’s evolution, but Midoriya has clearly grown as well. Midoriya sees his license as a testament to how he’s matured. Now, a jealous Bakugo is testing that maturity. In many ways, this challenge is as big a test as the License Exam. Whether Midoriya fights Bakugo or not will prove how much he has – or has not – grown.


MY HERO ACADEMIA uses this episode to prove how much the series still has in store. All the young heroes are still growing, as are the threats against them. “A Talk About Your Quirk” touches on so much of the show’s universe, but it’s all handled nicely. There is a lot of resolution, but there is also no shortage of conflict. MY HERO ACADEMIA crafts a strong episode with a large scope.

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