‘Mr. Mercedes’ Everything We Know So Far

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2017 is going to be remembered as the year of Stephen King. Not only are we getting two new movies, “The Dark Tower” and “It”. We’re also getting three new TV shows from the master of horror. “The Mist”, which is a tie-in to the 2007 movie starts on June 22nd. J.J Abraham’s “Castlerock” which hasn’t been given an air date. Finally the crime based horror “Mr. Mercedes” which airs August 9th.

The Teaser Trailer

The ten episode series will be drawing from the first book of the Bill Hodges trilogy “Mr. Mercedes”. Starring Brendan Gleeson as the titular Bill Hodges, a recently retired police officer who is dragging back into a cold case against his will.

Behind The Scenes Teaser


As the trailer and the teaser show, this isn’t another monster tale from King. “Mr. Mercedes” is more horror and crime than a scary monster under your bed. The book and now show, centers on a psychotic killer who taunts a retired police detective with a series of letters and emails, forcing the retired police officer to undertake a private, and potentially felonious, crusade to bring the killer to justice before he can strike again. Mr. Mercedes aka Brady Hartsfield is played by Harry Treadaway.

The book was published in June 2014 and shot to the top of the New York Times best-seller list before going on to win the Edgar Award for best novel. It marks a step away from monsters, as director Jack Bender says “It’s Stephen King, writing about the monsters inside people.”

Gleeson and Treadaway aren’t the only confirmed cast members either.

Kelly Lynch will be playing Brady’s mother, Deborah Hartsfield. An alcoholic monster in her own right. Her special type of parenting has played a large part in making Brady the monster he is today.

Justine Lupe will be portraying Holly Gibney. A nervous woman connected to Mr. Mercedes who joins Hodges in his fight against Brady.

Mary Louise Parker has been cast as Janelle Patterson. She will be one of the driving forces behind Bill’s decision to come out of retirement and face the ghost of his past.

Over the course of the ten episode series, viewers will get to witness a cat and mouse game like no other. When you’re dealing with a tech savvy psychopath nothing is off limits. As Bill Hodges is about to find out.

“Mr. Mercedes” premieres on 9th August on the Audience Network. Will you be tuning in? Are you excited about another Stephen King show? What do you think of the casting? Let us know in the comments below.

Jamesey Lefebure
A Scotsman living in Liverpool who spends far too much time with his head in a horror book. Stephen Kings 2nd biggest fan and Wonder Woman enthusiast, I'm always happy to talk horror in any format, comics or cheesy TV.


  1. Very excited. Read all three in the Bill Hodges Trilogy. First and third were my favorite. But all three should be made into a series.

    RIP Anton Yelchin.

    So excited! Do all episodes come out at once? I’m counting the days until August 9th.

  2. So excited. If you have Firestick (I highly recommend getting it if you don’t) it’ll be on there as soon as it comes out. It’ll be on Specto-TV Shows. I listened to the 3 books driving on long road trips.

    • I loved the books! I was a little disappointed with the 2nd book in the series, but the third more than made up for it.
      I’m really excited to see Holly on the screen as she’s easily one of Kings better characters.

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