Moscase Could Be On To Something – Smart Phone Case

This could be one of the coolest gadgets to add on to your smart phone but the price point might be just outside the general consumer. The Moscase is a health tracking accessory in the form of a smartphone case and you can purchase and support the project on Kickstarter for $133. Where Moscase could be on to something really interesting is with their backplate designed. A user could have interchangeable active backplates from speakers to a breathalyzer. Here is a complete list below:

The Breathalyzer
You can never have enough cool sensors! The Breathalyzer is equipped with a special detection sensor, capable of analyzing your breath in order to determine the alcohol content in your body. The Moscase App will let you know what your allowed limit is based on your location.

The Rocker
For all you music lovers out there, this backplate upgrades your smartphone’s stock speakers with ones that rival most full range Hi-Fi systems. Enjoy listening to your favorite music the way it was meant to be listened to.

The Collector
Harness the power of light and extend your smartphone’s battery life with this solar cell equipped backplate. It’s functional, it looks cool, plus it’s environmentally friendly. What’s there not to like?

The Booster
Strapping on some extra juice can be a life saver in a lot of situations. Top that off with extra storage space for all your photos, documents and other media, and you’ve managed to beef up the two weakest aspects of smartphones.

The Reader
E-paper has two advantages over any other screen: it’s super easy on your eyes and its power consumption is practically non-apparent. Read notifications, display photos, or use it for reading books and articles.

A case plus two active backplates costs: $289

Moscase: The Smartest Phone Case Ever Developed

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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