Gorgeous action and the series is continuing. What’s not to love?

More Adventure Ahead With MECH CADET YU #4

Stanford and his team are the only ones standing between the Sharg and Earth!


This was originally supposed to be the Mech Cadet Yu finale. but thanks to its popularity, the book will now be an ongoing series. The story does feel like it was suppose to move towards an ending here, which is understandable given the series was supposed to be a mini series. Still this is a minor complaint as writer Greg Pak easily makes the save and keeps the action going.

The issue helps to finally deliver on what everyone was hoping would come from a series of this caliber. It features an intense battle between the cadets in their giant robots against the colossal crab like aliens known as the Sharg, mid-air repairs, and making sure the citizens are protected in the process. All the important factors which go into showcasing an action scene involving large combatants is addressed in the best way possible. If this had been the last issue, it would have gone out on top.

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Mech Cadet Yu


As someone who has read a lot of giant robot based comics and manga, it’s important to point out how hard it is to convey great action. Luckily, Takeshi Miyazawa knows what he is doing. The detail work on the aliens is imposing and the stuff of nightmares which makes it satisfying as the robots fight them.

The mechs suffer real damage which is very noticeable thanks to Triona Farrell’s color work. The energy effects coming from the robots is striking due the right choice of color

Finally, the lettering work by Simon Bowland helps to cement the perfect special effect sounds in the moment and great dialogue between characters. As General Park is giving a disciplinary speech great detail was made to bold certain words to help sell the harshness of each of his words. The entire art team came together to create a very visually pleasing issue.


Congratulations to the staff. You earned it. It seems like it’s primed to open up and show there is more to the world than the academy. This is a logical step as if the series wants to continue the worldview needs to be expanded. It’s an alien invasion being stopped by humans piloting giant robots. It cannot be limited to one location.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Gorgeous action and the series is continuing. What’s not to love?More Adventure Ahead With MECH CADET YU #4