‘Moon Knight’ To Finally Have An Animated Debut, Find Out Where and When

Moon Knight has been getting a lot of attention in the past two years, from star-studded, epic comics, to video game spots, but it was not always thus. Moon Knight has oft been one of Marvel’s most mysterious, yet under used crime fighters in their comic book universe. In between the comics and video games, various varying rumors have suggested he is getting prepped for a Netflix run. However, a very unremarkable announcement, only broadcasted a because a of recent tweet from a recent Moon Knight artist Declan Shalvey, confirmed that Moon Knight will finally be getting an animated debut.

“HOLY CRAP! Moon Knight’s animated debut, and it’s my costume design! Ultimate Spider-Man: The Moon Knight Before Christmas” airs Dec. 17.”

Animated- Moon-Knight

Declan Shalvey has reason to celebrate, as he ushered in this Moon Knight costume that has been only partially utilized in the Smallwood/Lemire run as of late.

Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man is bringing Moon Knight onboard to assist Spider-Man in taking on a new Mysterio in the episode “Moon Knight before Christmas.” Fans of other Marvel or DC Comics’ characters might be put off, but Moon Knight fans are hungry for anything that brings the Fist of Khonshu to the forefront of the comic book adaptation conscientiousness.

Moon Knight has had some trouble making it to the big or small screen for some reason. There was the hint at the end of Captain America, a small independent company from New York that has yet to deliver, and yet another by the name of Sun and Lions Studios, who has a promising one in the works.

However, the conditions couldn’t be any closer to perfect as they are right now.

Marvel has been having a lot of success with their Netflix shows, which many find to be the best suitable place for Marvel’s White Knight. The Punisher and Ghost Rider have been given a test drive on popular Marvel shows. The Punisher cameo quickly followed with a show, and Ghost Rider is rumored to as well.

Will the Moon Knight Before Christmas bring gifts of the kind of success the Marvel character is looking for, or will Marc Spector receive more coal this year?

Leave your thoughts below.

[Image Courtesy of Disney/Marvel]

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