‘Moon Knight’: Fist Of Knonshu To Finally Get A Fan Film Completed

Moon Knight has been a very neglected Marvel character in film and TV thus far, even though writer Greg Smallwood has certainly been helping Marvel Comics elevate the character to a higher status in the comic book world. Moon Knight fans, however, have been calling out for a film or Netflix TV series to no avail.

Marvel Comics fan films have picked up where the greater Marvel TV and film universe are unwilling to go, and Moon Knight is no exception to this.

A Moon Knight fan film that looked promising from Deviant Children Production came and went, but was never produced. However, a group of Moon Knight fans under the umbrella of Sun and Lions Studios are seeking to be the first to finish a fully realized fan film/series. Recently, they produced this teaser to wet fans appetites for the upcoming production.

The actors in the tease are as follows: Moon Knight is played by Audi Sanchez, Director/Writer is Shah Emami, and Elgin Roshell plays the mugger. When discussing the origins of this Moon Knight project, Sun and Lion Studios had this to say.

“After seeing the movie “Super” by James Gunn, I really wanted to make a street level vigilante short film. I was reading Moon Knight by Ellis and Shalvey at the time and it hit me that he’s a versatile character with so much potential. Well, that and Marvel wasn’t planning on putting him on-screen any time soon.”

Moon Knight rumors have suggested that Marvel has been prepping him for a Netflix series, but no concrete evidence has been introduced thus far. In fact, short of a vague end of credits Easter egg in that one Captain America flick, he has been quite absent from the Marvel Cinematic and TV universe. Sun and Lions Studios have a plan for the “Fist of Khonshu,” and it is currently as follows.

“The idea was to make at least three Moon Knight shorts that will have separate main subjects but will ultimately be connected by minor plot points that will culminate to create one climax.”

For a Moon Knight fan, this is big news, for it looks like it will finally happen for the “protector of night travelers.” Time will tell if this self-funded effort will materialize, and if it will be of any reasonable quality, but if the tease is any indication, it promises to be a good effort.

Sun and Lion Studios also has a podcast on YouTube, Soundcloud, and soon to be on their website and iTunes, called Fan Roar.

[Image Via Marvel Entertainment]

David Joseph
David Joseph
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