Monster Musume is Unapologetic – Episode 1

It’s finally here! The show that will probably make your parents lower their heads thinking they have failed as parents. Now while that may be a little more true than I’d like to admit, I think Monster Musume will be a hell of a ride regardless. I for one had a great time with the first episode and will probably enjoy most of what this show has to offer.

Monsume Condom

Now I didn’t really expect Miia (the lamia girl) to be so forward with her feelings right out of the gate. But she just really wants to get on that. I mean really bad. Its sort of nice to see a girl who is unashamed about her sexual desires. It sort of makes the show feel less voyeuristic, which is always a good thing. No one wants to feel dirty when they watch something like this… well at least I don’t. When I’m watching this show I want to have as much fun as possible and not have to worry about a girl feeling victimized or uncomfortable to the advances of creepy guys. So as of now I’m rooting for Miia and hopes she can get hers before the series ends. But in all likelihood nothing will happen.

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Miia's eagerness


But it’s not our main characters fault that he won’t have sex with this able and willing monster girl. That can be attributed to the giant cockblockers referred to as the Interspecies Exchange Security Squad. They’re there to ensure the purity of monster girl representatives. And there are dire consequences if our main male Kimihito gives into his desires and has sex with Miia.


Like I said in the title this show is completely unapologetic and strives to make you have a good time while watching sexy monster girls trying to get laid. Whether it’s how Lamia’s are cold-blooded and have a rough start waking up, or how they use the bathroom. This show adds some nice world building into this newly monster inhabited world to make it feel fun and interesting.

Lamia Bathroom

Now given that Miia is a lamia and has an eight foot snake bottom, she tends to stick out more than other monster girls who just have some cute ears and a tail. This can be shocking to normal humans and she gets her fair share of ridicule and embarrassment. If it wasn’t for Kimihito stepping in, who knows what she might do if provoked.

Miia's rage


But Kimihito isn’t a typical milk toast anime pussy. He’ll step in for the people he cares about and isn’t afraid of getting his own hands dirty. Plus I guess he’s super strong or something… Must be all that jacking off since he does because he can’t fuck Miia.

White Knighting

Like I said before Monster Musume knows what it is and tries its hardest to make sure the viewer has a fun time watching it. The art is good and so is the animation. Which is unusual considering the type of show. Sure it’s not going to win any literary awards, but it sure is fun to watch. I don’t care about what other people say, I’m going to have all the fun I can with this show! My only fear is that the show falls into a harem scenario once the rest of the monster girls show up. But after seeing this first episode I’m sure the show runners will handle it well.

Monsume brides

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