A Monica Bellucci Dream And Other Thoughts On Twin Peaks Part 14

Leading into the home stretch, Twin Peaks connects a number of its mysteries while reminding the viewer about the face of a long-unseen man. It also may have introduced us to the object of Audrey’s affections. But as the eyes of Bureau turn toward Las Vegas, the origin of Blue Rose offers an insight into the now.

The Case

At long last, Gordon Cole knows of Dougie Jones.

Revealing the wedding ring to Diane, he learned that Janey-E is her estranged half-sister and that they live in Las Vegas. The connection is no coincidence and it makes you wonder if Bad Cooper conjured up Dougie the night he visited Diane all those years ago. How he did it is anyone’s guess.

Gordon also called the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s department and learned from Frank a portion of the missing piece in Laura’s diary. Unfortunately, it seemed unimportant to Frank to quote her directly, instead suggesting that there are two Dale Coopers. Cole is a bright boy, I’m sure he’ll figure it out.

But at least Cole is finally on the route to Cooper. Provided, of course, Diane doesn’t spill the beans to Bad Coop.

Meanwhile, in town, Chad finally went down for his role in Red and Richard’s drug ring. It’s unclear if he’ll finger his conspirators, though. Honestly, it seemed like Frank moved on Chad just in case they didn’t come back from the mountains.

Once up near Major Brigg’s old tracking station, Frank, Hawk, Harry and Bobby discovered another vortex just a few hundred yard from the dead tree Major Briggs and Bobby named Jack Rabbit’s Palace when he was a boy. The vortex is a soft place between normal reality and that black & white place where the Giant (now called the Fireman) resides. It may even be the White Lodge, though Hawk’s original description of it did not included benevolent giants.

Nevertheless, the Fireman was compelled to make Andy aware of some of the supernatural situation — yes, Deputy Andy Brennan — leading the team to take the eyeless woman from Part 4 to the station. It should be noted here that she is referred to in Part 14 as “Experiment” and cannot communicate with anyone. Well, except maybe for the slobbering drunk in the station’s cellblock who repeats everything he hears.

That sure sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The Updates

James works as a security guard for an industrial cleaning company. He has a partner named Freddy (Jake Wardle) with a remarkable story about meeting the Fireman in a soft place accessed by a London alley and gaining incredible strength in his right hand. Of course, all the significance is lost on James as he was never privy to the supernatural forces at work in Twin Peaks. Instead, he went to check the boilers.

Over at the Roadhouse, we finally have proper confirmation that Audrey is not in a coma as Tina’s daughter tells a friend about the last time she saw Billy. Some believed Audrey was still in a hospital bed thanks to her freak out last episode, but her earliest scene two episodes ago referenced someone we know as a living member of the current community. Billy was always real. He reported his truck stolen and later vanished. Back in Part 7, Bing ran into the RR and asked if anyone had seen Billy. Now we know he had a thing going with Audrey and Tina. The small town intrigue continues the overall feeling that Audrey is still part of the primetime soap Twin Peaks used to be.

Then we get the description of Billy, his face beaten in and his mouth dripping with blood. Considering we saw someone who looked just like that a few minute before this Roadhouse scene, I think it’s a fair leap to suggest Billy is down in the cellblock with Chad and the Experiment. Well, provided it’s not some Dougie-esque doppelganger of Billy.

And speaking of the owls not being what they seem, Sarah Palmer completely changed all assumptions about her with a visit to Twin Peaks other watering hole. It seems a lot is going on inside her head and you have to wonder who is in there with her.

The Questions

  1. Did BOB sneak into Sarah in the recent past? Ripping throats out isn’t really his style, so maybe it’s the Mother?
  2. Why did the Fireman choose Andy for the important infodump?
  3. Was this the vortex Margaret and Carl were sucked into years ago?
  4. Are all the vortexes stable in time and space? If so, why couldn’t Bad Coop use the one in Buckhorn for his plan? Is that one only connected to the Woodsmen’s reality?
  5. How much did Andy retain from his experience on the other side?
  6. How did the FBI Las Vegas office end up with those two agents?

Not about Judy

Never has Phillip Jeffries seemed closer. We now know he and Gordon arrested a woman in the 1970s with a doppelganger. The doppelganger’s final words — “I am like the Blue Rose” — gave Jeffries the name for his task force. And thanks to Gordon’s Monica Bellucci dream and shots from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Jeffries’ face is part of the series. Why go to that trouble unless he’s about to return in the flesh?

But even more important than seeing David Bowie as Jeffries is Gordon recalling the important thing he said. Point to Cooper, he shouted, “Who do you think that is?” Even when Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me was released, it seemed to reference the replacement of Cooper by BOB. Now, it definitely refers to the Bad Cooper. Although, there’s now the added suggestion that Jeffries has been to our present and seen these events play out.

A Monica Bellucci Dream

David Lynch’s taste in women is fairly obvious at this point, so it makes sense that Gordon Cole dreams of Monica Bellucci. What is less obvious is her key piece of dialogue. “We are like the dreamer who dreams and lives inside the dream,” recalls Edgar Allan Poe and Philip K. Dick. It’s also something I highly suggest you never say while in a dream state. Or, at least, never claim you are the dreamer. Dream creatures do not react well to it.

Which may be the underlying message for Cole. Dream-Bellucci even asks “who is the dreamer?” An argument could be made that this is all Laura Palmer’s dream as she hurtles through space. It could even be Lynch-as-Cole as the dreamer. But such reality bending notions are the provenance of Poe or Dick.

Oh, wait.

What do you think? Are we all just dream creatures in Lynch’s mindscape? Is Laura Palmer still the anchor of this dream world? Let us know in the comments below.

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