Devivo’s Best Comic Book Covers of 2011

While this is a bit late I still wanted t be able to run down what I thought were my favorite Comic Book covers of 2011 . These are in no particular order . Let’s begin shall we..

X Factor #228

Cover By : David Yardin

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This cover is equally parts haunting and Beautiful . Showing Madrox is clearly not in the best of shape on the cover you immediately want to pick this up and read it to figure out whats going on in the issue and the fate of its hero on the cover.


X-23 #17

Cover By: Danni Luo

Danni Luo’s take on issue #17 on X23 is a direct homage to The 80’s film Adventures in Babysitting . I need not say anything else . This image is fun and shows The youngest members of the Richards family along with X23 .












Daredevil #1

Cover By: Paolo Rivera

Quite honestly any of Paolo Rivera’s covers for Daredevil could make it on here . I’m going to go with his first cover that shows a new direction for Matt Murdock who is smiling as he navigates Hell’s Kitchen. Paolo packs this cover full of amazing detail using grey scale for the background while also inserting the description to every item he draws giving the reader a sense of what it would feel like to have Daredevils ability.












Batwoman #3

Cover By: J.H. Williams III

The cover to issue #3 of Batwoman manages to tie every plot thread from her earlier series in 2010 up to the present on one page . J.H. Wiliams is a master at creating a work of art out of everything he does . He even creates a narrative on the cover using the bubbles on the page . There isn’t a wasted thought on the page.













Monocyte #1


Menton’s painterly style has graced the covers of IDW books for quite sometime but its his creator owned series Monocyte that I want to bring attention to. Showing the title Character in all of his glory Menton uses black and Negative space to his advantage and introduces one evil-looking monster while he’s at it.












Infinite Vacation #1

Cover By : Christian Ward

Most of the Editors at Comic Vault would agree that Infinite Vacation was one of the best surprises of 2011. Half of the Accolades go to Christian Ward and his amazing art work. This cover combines all of the elements in the story to create a very dynamic and colorful cover.












Thunderbolts #166

Cover By: Mike Del Mundo

Thunderbolts #166 centers around Mr. Hyde’s character  and the cover that Mike puts together works on 2 different levels. Having Mr. Hyde rip through the cover is cool , making sure that the rip is in the shape of Dr. Jekyll is a nice added touch telling the story of our flawed villian with one image.












Detective Comics #880

Cover By: Jock

Jock uses bats to create a truly jarring and terrifying image of joker looking right back at you . Nice touches like his eyes being the Bat Symbol as well as the minimalistic approach to use just a pop of red for his murderous smile make this a cover to remember.












Batman and Robin #26

Cover By: Chris Burnham

Chris Burnham shows that yes people will by an issue of a comic just based on the cover. Every single element on this cover is gorgeous and insane . Well done sir ..well done












Dead Man #2

Cover By : Ryan Sook

Ryan Sook sets up this cover of Deadman desperately leaping out of his own mouth is set up perfectly against the back ground that details moments of Boston  Brand’s own history before he became Deadman . Quite Simply amazing artwork by Ryan Sook.












Well those are just my top 10 in no particular order from 2011. Tell me what you think of my choices and if you have another few to add sound off below!

Mike DeVivo

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