Meet The Podcasts! Amateur Podcast Championships 2016

Meet the bold podcasters that entered the 2016 Amateur Podcast Championships.

The competition is open to podcasters worldwide who have less than 2,500 plays or downloads per episode and the podcast must be English speaking. The podcast episode you submit must be from 2016.

Each podcast will be judged on a weighted scale: 50% content, 40% sound, and 10% production value. Each entry will receive his or her personal score.

The winner will receive a $250 American Express Gift Card and year-long social and digital media push from Monkeys Fighting Robots ($2,000 value). Second place will receive a year-long social and digital media push to expand your audience. Third place will have a rotating ad unit on Monkeys Fighting Robots in the FRIENDS section.

The winner will be announced during the Lady Gaga half-time show of Super Bowl LI on Sunday, February 5, 2017, via social media. The deadline for entry is midnight on December 31, 2016.

Enter your podcast today!



Dirk Primbs

2debate is a brand new podcast, bringing Oxford-style debating to a 12-minute format. Listen to Sebastian who is actually French but living in Switzerland and Dirk who is from Germany debating current topics. It is not only about the topics but also about the art of debating and the audience can participate. 2debate turns podcasting into a safe debating space, no matter how controversial the debated motions may be and indeed is fun.

80’s Reboot Overdrive

David White

80’s Icon Rick Moranis

Winning the 2016 Podcast Championships would bring awareness to this labor of love being our podcast and blog, we have a group of co-hosts that enjoy time spent with each other that can be heard with each episode, and helping those to become aware/appreciate the greatest decade if they are not already. We are just good people, trying to have a good time and sucking the marrow out of the good and the bad of that super awesome decade and putting something out for others to hopefully enjoy.

A Lil Bit O Anime

Elijah Bailey

A Lil Bit O Anime is a podcast that walks the line that it’s detailed enough for hard core fans but keep simple enough for the new or casual anime viewer. Monica Robinson (Voice Actor and sound engineer at Psychometric Interactive Studios) and Elijah Bailey (professional podcasters, producer, business owner) sit down to talk about the wonderful world of anime from industry talk to general knowledge about anime. I think we deserve to win the 2016 amateur podcast championship because this podcast focusing on not being the authority of anime but yet a forum in which to expose people to new anime experiences. This show is unique from the sponsorship, commercials, segments and interaction between the hosts and fans.

A Night of Horror

Kathleen Kidd

A Night of Horror, Episode 3 – Girls Weekend should win the 2016 Amateur Podcast Championships. Our horror drama podcasts leave you quivering in fear as you can’t close your eyes to hide from the spooks, you have to keep listening! We love making these podcasts and lots of work has gone in over the last year with music, artwork and the production of the pieces so it would be great to have a few more people out there hear what we do and if they enjoy it then we’ve done what we have set out to do!
Each podcast we make is a short horror drama following a different spooky story. Produced by Kathleen Kidd and made in Scotland.

A Quest for Magic and Steele

David Steele

S1E20-Pretty Little Liars

We are amateur. We love podcasts. Podcasting. And We try to do a professional quality podcast that entertains people on the go.

Afternoon Yap: with Chunk and Dinger

Chunk Punk

Afternoon Yap: with Chunk and Dinger should win the 2016 Amateur Podcast Chanpionships because our show is funny, fresh and informative. Chunk and Dinger Yap weekly about vintage video games as well as current titles. We break up our segments with zany, fake advertisements for products no one would ever want. Give us a listen and vote for us. A vote for Yap is a vote for laughs.

All Ears with Nomi & Sparks

Nomi Burton


Sparks and I (Nomi) have been doing radio for 8+ years… When we started this podcast we wanted to prove we can entertain and start a fun conversation with listeners without the help of our media companies. This was made for people who truly want to have fun, listen to conversation as well as be involved in one, get caught up with what’s happening in today’s world but also escape from their lives or make great days even better. Winning this will confirm our passion and show that we’re going in the right direction.

Armchair Ninja Podcast

Richard Carroll

The Armchair Ninja Podcast should win the Amateur Podcast Championships because I believe that we represent everything that makes podcasts so great.

We started with zero existing audience, no online presence to leverage, and no connections of any kind. In just over a year, our podcast has become an integral and respected part of the American Ninja Warrior (and OCR) community.

We have met our heroes, both online and in person. They have joined us on the show, reached out to us for assistance, and continue to inspire us every week, as we work to inspire and entertain others as well.

We have focused on improving the quality of our show, investing time in our performance and learning how to maximize the audio quality as well. There is a dramatic difference between our early episodes and now, which we will continue to improve upon to the best of our ability.

We have worked to promote other podcasts on our show (ex: Final Stage Podcast), collaborated with them on multiple occasions (ex: Wolfpack Ninja Podcast), and were featured as guests on still others (ex: Profitcast). We love being part of the podcast community and helping to spread the word about podcasting in general.

Our topic is a bit niche, so I know the content itself doesn’t appeal to everyone. But I hope that our enthusiasm shines through and that you will give us a chance. Listen to two guys who have never met in real life, who are in different countries and on opposite coasts, but who share a passion for this sport and related television shows.

Those two guys have, most importantly, become good friends over the past year and look forward to recording every single week. That’s what podcasting is all about.

-Rich and Bijan

Aussie and The Pom Show

Nate & Rus Appleby & Curtis

G’day and Good Morrow!! The Aussie and The Pom show’s main aim each week is to give you an Eargasm from our sultry tones and conversation.

On a serious note, we are two mates separated by 9,442 miles (we did the maths) – one of us in Melbourne, Australia, and the other from Bromsgrove, England. We started up around 5 weeks ago, meaning we are still in our infant stage within the Podcasting world, but we are having an absolute blast doing this and we are looking forward to getting any advice and feedback about our show! We are growing our Twitter followers @Aussie_ThePom so come at us with your tweets and feedback.

Our show is a weekly Podcast where we catch up with our lives from different continents: The Aussie is balancing his life as a husband and proud father whilst The Pom lives a fast paced life in Britain, with his poor girlfriend having to put up with him along the way! We have Entertainment News each week, hosted by The Aussie’s brother Dave, and then we have random chat about a subject of our choosing. Our famous Top 5 section, where we usually end up in an argument and The Aussie tries to find a way to get Wesley Snipes into the show, finishes the podcast each week.

But enough from us – check out our very first review on iTunes and no it wasn’t either of our Mothers’!

“Enjoyed these guys. You can tell they are friends outside podcasting and it’s nice to see a natural convo within a podcast recording. Sometimes you can tell personalities change when that record button is pressed, this is not the case here. Really enjoyed it and recommend!”

Balls & Boys Soccer Podcast

Steven Jotterand

Listen to “Balls & Boys Christmas Dinner” on Spreaker.

In the episode we have selected, we discuss the hottest topics in the beautiful game, have some holiday festivities, and interview FC Dallas midfielder Kellyn Acosta.

Balls & Boys should win the 2016 Amateur Podcast Championships because of our team chemistry, love for the game, and the depth of knowledge that creates an upbeat, engaging podcast. Our focus is bringing a soccer specific outlet to Dallas, Texas that allows listeners to have a proper soccer podcast produced in America. The three of us come from very different soccer backgrounds allowing us to be diverse in opinion on all subjects related to soccer. Each week, there are new questions to be asked, new stories to expand on, and new results to react to. Whether it’s the Premier League, Ligue 1, Chinese Super League or MLS, if it’s soccer related, we discuss it! We bring the best commentary that transforms into a fresh take on the game that doesn’t bore you or doesn’t go over your head!


Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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