Introducing Devon, Beer Snob Extraordinaire – Also, Not A Hipster

I’m Devon, Monkeys Fighting Robots beer snob, most importantly not a hipster.

I’m a 30-year-old Female carbon unit living in Evansville, Indiana. Born and raised (shout out to No-Li Brewery) in one of the meccas of beer – Spokane, Washington. Being able to travel about 20 minutes to get to at least seven different breweries. Or rather, could drive a little further into Idaho and get to about a dozen more. I spent my weekends at breweries. I would sit there with friends for hours, drinking beer and telling stories. Moving to this town, where there is only really three breweries has got me thinking… I am a beer snob, most importantly, missing the wonders of all different types of beers at my fingertips.


First of all, when I go out to a bar, I ask what’s on tap, or for a beer list. Rule one of a beer snob: Draft beer is always better. Bottles are good at home. I always go for local if I am somewhere I have never been before. My fianc√© once referred to it as being a “douche” when wanting to ask for a local beer, so he didn’t do it. Due to his hesitance, I always ask.

Often, you are mistaken for a “hipster” due to your love of craft beer, since Craft beer is “so in right now.” It’s simple; well-brewed beer is highly appreciated. I drowned my sorrows in a pumpkin beer after a horrific breakup. It’s not a follow the trend; I’ll grow out of it, it will fade type of thing. Aren’t hipsters the ones with the skinny jeans, fake glasses, and beards?

Not drinking bud light is a choice I make. Rather than just drinking your beer, taste your beer. Enjoy your beer. It is an experience, not just a beverage.

Get ready for weekly craft beer talk. Reviews, breweries, and beer your questions answered. First and foremost, I will be here for all your beer needs. Beer snob with me.


Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
A Washingtonian born and raised, trying to make my way in Indiana. A nerd from head to toe. In love with craft beer, horror, and Hall and Oates. Graduate from Academy of Art University with a degree in Screenwriting. Find me on Twitter and Instagram @Nightynight34