Intense but once the villain appears, it becomes mind blowing.

‘Mech Cadet Yu’ #3 Prepares For War

The cadets are undergoing their most intense training yet when Park’s mech starts to malfunction with dangerous consequences.


War! What is it good for? In this case, it’s good for ramping up the stakes of this series. The invaders who caused humanity to team up with the alien robots are back. This means Yu and his team have to train even harder and prepare themselves for the looming invasion which is on the horizon.

The story really builds to the ending where the aliens, the Sharg are revealed for the first time. Writer Greg Pak spends a perfect amount of time building to this reveal by showcasing all the drama on the human side of the war. From last meals, to constant training, and repairing the mecha which comes from the front line, the world building is spot on and to the point. One can only hope the intensity will continue with future issues.

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Mech Cadet Yu


The design of the Sharg is the real show stopper of this issue. Once it’s on screen you can see where Takeshi Miyazawa’s inks and pencils mixed with Triona Farrell’s color work is truly a delight. The colossal creature is intimidating and ominous in a way which only could be accomplished by powerful art.

The lettering by Simon Bowland really helps to distinguish who is talking over the intercoms thanks to colored letters. There is also a lot of emphasis on bolding words of importance to the plot.


Next issue will feature a smackdown between the Cadets and a gigantic Sharg. What will happen? Will Mech Cadet Yu make it out alive? Is this really the end of the series? Don’t do this to us, Greg Pak! This series is far too entertaining to end after only four issues! The readers demand more, and so does the entire comic writing staff of this website!

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Intense but once the villain appears, it becomes mind blowing. 'Mech Cadet Yu' #3 Prepares For War