Marvelous Deals at Amazon! Worthy of Pun!

Every so often, Kindle editions of Marvel graphic novels go on a massive sale, but with no announcements. Nobody knows if this is a recurring glitch or just a way for Amazon to boost numbers quietly, but the winner in all this is definitely readers. Oh, and they all work on the ComiXology app.

Cheap comics make Drax very happy.

What kind of deals are we looking at?

The brand new Iron Fist Vol 1: Trial of the Seven Masters is $2.60.

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X-Men Gold Vol 1: Back to Basics is just $3.00.

The mammoth event Infinity, that costs $75 in print? Just $7.

Beloved classics like Infinity Gauntlet? $2.20.

New classics like Thor: Goddess of Thunder is less than $2.00.

And one of the best deals? X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills is a whopping $0.80.

Their entire line of graphic novels is 90% off or more.


Roman Colombo
Roman Colombo
Roman Colombo has been teaching comics and movies at Philadelphia area colleges since 2010, including Temple University, Drexel University, and Rosemont College. He has several publications in journals such as The Bookends Review and monkeybicycle. He's also the author of Trading Saints for Sinners, his first published novel.