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MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE Begins Search For The Richards Family

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Marvel Two-In-One embarks on a journey through the multiverse in search of the Richards family. Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm represent the FF faithful as they desperately look to reunite their family.

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Writer Chip Zdarsky, the latest Marvel-exclusive talent, has been more than filling the FF-sized hole in our hearts. What could have been a cheap place holder for those of us growing impatient with the lack of Richards family members has been much more.

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Marvel Two-In-One has dealt with the loss and void created by the Richards family’s absence, but it didn’t linger. Zdarsky addressed the elephant in the room and began taking us on a multiversal journey.

Four issues in and we’re tagging along with Johnny and Ben as they begin searching for their other Fantastic two. It’s not a misdirection intended to make you forget about the FF and make way for a new team. Zdarsky is up front with fan frustration and extracting a story from it.

The first stop in our search through the multiverse delivers a universe in which Dr. Doom took over the body of Galactus and ate everything in the universe outside of Earth. This could quite possibly be one of the best multiverse stories in recent memory. The ��Doom Universe” is classic comic book fun, a Fantastic Four story without Reed there to solve this new puzzle.

Marvel was wise to lock Zdarsky up, his work on this title and Spectacular Spider-Man have proved that he has way more than just comedy to offer. His balance of light attitudes and heavy stakes is masterful.

Taking readers on this journey to find our beloved Richards family is going to pay off once they inevitably return. We’re already invested in the search, then going through the trials and tribulations of Johnny and Ben is going to add layers. It’s also going to be a hell of an entertaining ride

This is shaping up to be one of the best Fantastic Four titles not starring the regular roster. Similar to Fraction & Allred’s FF run, it’s a fresh examination at how important the “First Family” is. All while spending some valuable and entertaining time with some different characters.

Valerio Schiti and Frank Martin are contributing stunning artwork. Creative layouts, beautiful color schemes, and sleek re-designs make for a supremely pleasing atmosphere.

Marvel Two-In-One is one of the best looking superhero comics currently on the shelves. The creative team behind these panels is putting a lot of heart and craft into every issue.

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