Marvel to Introduce ACTS OF EVIL Annuals this July

Coming this summer, some of Marvel’s mightiest heroes will come face-to-face with villains they have yet to contend with in ‘Acts of Evil’.

Ms. Marvel, who will take on Super Skrull, Venom (Lady Hellbender) and Punisher, who will be tabbed against Brood Queen, will all celebrate their respective annual issues in pinning them against the unexpected.

“You know what everyone says is worse than the devil? The devil you don’t know,” said Kathleen Wisneski. “For ‘Acts of Evil’, Marvel is pitting our heroes against villains they’ll never see coming, and we’ve lined up creative teams with fresh takes on these characters to make sure our fans are just as blindsided.”


The creative team for Ms. Marvel Annual #1: Ms. Marvel vs. Super Skrull will be Magdalene Visaggio and Jon Lim, while Karla Pacheco and Adam Gorham will helm Punisher Annual #1: Punisher vs. Brood Queen and Venom Annual #1: Venom vs. Lady Hellbender will be spearheaded by both Ryan Cady and Simone di Meo.

The ‘Acts of Evil’ series, in sizing up Marvel’s heroes against new villains, will launch with these three in July and continue in August and September. Keep an eye out for more reveals as we cruise through the summer.

Click HERE for the official release from Marvel, including a look at all the covers.

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Michael Stagno
Michael Stagno
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