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The Russo Brothers recently clarified their earlier comments on Infinity War, stating that the film will feature 68 characters, not 67. It’s unclear how many characters will be heroes or villains, and it’s still unclear what role the TV heroes will play, if any. But it’s hard to say how many of these characters we’ve already seen, and how many are still coming. Here are a couple guesses and assumptions of who could be new players for the films.


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For those unfamiliar with the Infinity War comics, Adam Warlock was a huge part of the arc. He used his powers and the Soul Gem to stop Magus from conquering reality, and puts himself in a coma to do so. He could be added to the Guardians of the Galaxy line-up sometime, whether in the upcoming sequel or in the first half of Infinity War. It would also be interesting to contrast his “Quantum magic” with the powers of Doctor Strange, or the space weaponry of the Guardians.


Yeah, I know we’ve seen him before in Age of Ultron. And – SPOILER – he died. But Agent Coulson was brought back to life for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, so it’s possible that they’d bring back Quicksilver for something this big. I don’t know how they’d do it – perhaps one of the Infinity Gems would come into play to revive him. But it seems like the kind of thing they’d do for a project of this magnitude.


Bruce Banner’s likely returning to the Avengers team for Infinity War, but he may not be the only gamma-powered person. For instance, General Thunderbolt Ross could turn himself into the Red Hulk, either to take out Banner or to help out the team. Or Jennifer Walters could decide it’s time to stop being a lawyer, and time to become She-Hulk. The added Hulk muscle could certainly come in handy. We could also maybe see Hulk-related villains, like a rebooted Abomination, or maybe classic Hulk villain, The Leader.


While Ant-Man was a highly amusing heist movie, one aspect of the Pym Particles that was left out was how they can increase a user’s size, as well as decrease it. Ant-Man and Wasp will likely keep their current monikers, but that doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t try the big times. Goliath was certainly a big part of the Civil War comic series, though he doesn’t seem to be in the movie. Scott Lang has a couple of friends who would probably jump at the chance to be a superhero. Maybe even old Hank Pym could hop back into the fray.


A particular hit in the Marvel comics, Squirrel Girl is a surprisingly powerful, comedic character. She serves as a Deadpool-type character, minus the violence and gore. Not powerless, but certainly leaning towards comedic relief. It would certainly be nice to get a few more female characters in the mix, and Squirrel Girl would make a fun, goofy addition.


Guardians of the Galaxy set up the Nova Corps as a universal police force, rather than a single being. While that’s been a concept shown in the comics before, it doesn’t mean we won’t see a singular Nova-embodying hero for Earth. Contenders for the Human Rocket include Glenn Close or John C. Reilly, as they are the two living Nova Corps members we know best. But we could always see newer, younger Corps officers ready to become a protector of Earth.


Neither of the Ghost Rider films were very popular, but he could still be brought into the fold for Infinity War. Neither of the Hulk movies were big successes either, but Avengers put a positive spin back on the character, and the same could be done for Johnny Blaze. Maybe just pull a Sons of Anarchy actor up as opposed to Nicholas Cage?


Howard was shown at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, seemingly as a one-off post-credits joke. But now that we know just how many characters are expected to be involved, it’s possible they’d bring Howard to Earth for backup. We already have a foul-mouthed (or “fowl,” if you will) gunman in Rocket Raccoon, but there’s always room for more, as far as I’m concerned.


Moon Knight has been considered for a Netflix series, and while we don’t know when it may happen, it could easily be added to the roster in time for the Infinity War films. Moon Knight’s delicate mental state separates him from the existing pack of Netflix heroes, but that’s not a bad thing. And he certainly would fit into the gritty Netflix universe. And if he’s added to the Defenders line-up, then he’d be an obvious fit for the films. His entrance could also signal the inclusion of other Defenders to the movies, like Hellcat or Nighthawk.


Does this choice make sense? Not really. But would it be great to see four small children beating up Thanos alongside Ghost Rider and Winter Soldier? Absolutely.


-Spider-Woman, an Avenger and very experienced heroine

-Blade, the vampire-slaying leather-clad badass

-Captain Britain, another UK hero who could add some British charm

-Korvac, the Beyonder & sentient Cosmic Cube from Secret Wars

-MODOK, large-headed leader of evil genius conglomerate A.I.M.

-Whichever X-Men characters Marvel can get the rights for

Have any personal draft picks for Infinity War? Leave your dream team in the comments below.

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