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Baby Jedi’s, more Wedding proposals, doppelgangers, and the touch of  Man-Thing all in this week’s Marvel Comics Rapid Fire Recap as Dan Slott kicks off FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Peter Parker and Spider-Man are splitsville in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3, and Matt Murdock starts to see double in DAREDEVIL #606. Let’s jump into this week’s Marvel Comics!

Almost every Marvel Comic, cliffhanger, and plot twist released the week of  August 8, 2018, is going to get SPOILED ROTTEN!  Turn back now, unless you’re done reading for the week OR you simply just don’t care. Too read our full reviews click on the title of each issue.

Spoilers 12

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At the end of the last issue, Peter Parker was hit by the Isotope Genome Accelerator AGAIN! For reader’s that don’t know, the Isotope Genome Accelerator is how Peter became Spider-man. Well, once Pete got hit a second time, the Accelerator split him in two. One Peter is Spider-Man with all of his abilities and intelligence. The other Peter has all the memories but absolutely no spider abilities and no super intelligence.

However, as the issue ends, readers find out from Doctor Conner’s that the split can sometimes pull emotions, mannerisms, and responsibilities apart too. Meaning, the Peter with the intelligence and spider powers doesn’t have the same compassion and sense of responsibility as the other Peter. Can Spider-Man still be the same hero without his sense of duty and responsibility?


The Champions simply couldn’t escape the touch of the Man-Thing. Viv and Amko went to Mbali to investigate a series of Earthquakes only to find the Man-Thing waiting with a burning desire. Viv gets touched and fried because the Man-Thing sensed fear deep inside of her. So, the rest of the Champions manage to capture the Man-Thing until he breaks loose again. A portal opens, and Nova and Wasp get sucked in, along with the Man-Thing, and lost forever. Well, at least until next issue.


After uncovering that Wilson Fisk fixed the Mayoral Election, Daredevil forms a secret team composed of McGee, Cypher, and the Reader to help track down evidence to take down Kingpin once and for all. Meanwhile, Daredevil stops Hammerhead from robbing a bank and ends the issue by stopping a barroom brawl that was started by Matt’s twin brother Mike Murdock!


They’re baaaaaack! Kind of… Ben asks Alicia to marry him and wants Johnny to be his best man, but Johnny says no. Still feeling depressed about his families absence, Johnny looks to the sky for a sign that Reed and Sue are still alive. From across the multiverse, Reed sends a huge, blue four across the sky for the entire world to see. And if that wasn’t enough, Doom is back too! Victor’s face is re-scarred, he’s angry, and Doom is ready to take back Latveria.


Miles fights Morbius on his birthday and remembers one of the first times he tried to be a hero and failed. He remembers going to a show when some Skrulls attacked. Miles put on a hoodie and was able to use his abilities to stop the Skrulls. However, his friend Brent died. Since then, Miles began to realize that he’s never going to be an Avenge but he’ll never quit, never give up, and will always do what’s right. Just like Peter Parker, Miles Morales understands responsibility.


Darth Vader tracks down Eeth Koth who was a Jedi once upon a time before he went into hiding as a priest. Why? Well, Vader’s mission has been to track down every last Jedi across the galaxy and slaughter them all. However, when the Sith Lord arrives, he finds Koth and his newborn baby girl.

Koth and Vader fight while the baby and its mother tried to flee. As the two make it to their escape vessel, they are met by the Inquisitors who take the baby alive. The issue concludes with Darth Vader impaling Eeth Koth from behind as he notices the Inquisitors have his baby.

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