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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3 – A Tale Of Two Peters

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Spencer & Ottley are delivering on the double-shipping schedule like nobody else! Amazing Spider-Man #3 continues the dynamite creative team’s classic restoration of both Spidey and Peter Parker.

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The good ol’ isotope genome accelerator that granted Peter Parker his powers is at it again. Now Spider-Man and Peter Parker are two different people, but there may be some dangerous side-effects to having things be easy for a change–cue that classic “Parker Luck!”

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 Within these first 4 issues (counting the FCBD release) there is plenty to be overjoyed with in Amazing Spider-Man. Perhaps the biggest standout from this issue specifically is how much fun it is to just hang out with Peter Parker in civilian situations. A majority of this issue takes place in a bowling alley, just Pete & MJ on a double-date.

Nick Spencer was born to write our beloved web-head and this may be the greatest example of why. He could make Peter watching Netflix alone for twelve hours into a compelling comic book issue. This strength of his will make the inevitable heroic triumphs and challenges of Spider-Man carry that much more weight with all the attachment readers have to him behind the mask.

Spencer also has a perfect voice for Pete’s narration and inner-dialogue. There’s a perfect mixture of self-doubt, self-deprecation, humor, anxiety, and lovable cornball. It’s pretty much impossible for any longtime Spider-Man fan to not smile the entire time reading this issue.

The classic appeal that this book has so far is no minor achievement. Each issue, from cover to cliffhanger, feels like a classic Spider-Man comic book. Even when the theme or concept is nothing drastically new, Spencer & Ottley bring so much to it that it feels like the first time you’ve ever come across such an idea.

Ryan Ottley is another perfect match for Spider-Man, as well as creative partner Nick Spencer. His transitions are flawless and cinematic, every panel has a purpose. Ottley’s scene coordination and lively character figures play a big part in making a dialogue-heavy issue feel action packed.

Spider-Man’s action poses and movements are fantastic. Ottley makes sure Spidey wields webs as proper tools to win a fight, never is a web-line shot without purpose. X-Men villain, Tri-Sentinal, is the latest to get the Ottley treatment. His take on various Marvel characters will no-doubt be a joyous spectacle throughout this entire monumental run.

Colorist Laura Martin puts the finishing touches on this book’s classic Marvel appeal. Her tasteful pallet pushes Ottley to the next level in a spectacular manner. Veteran letterer Joe Caramagna ensures every action and character is introduced with proper flair and gravitas.

The Amazing Spider-Man is superhero comic book perfection. Spencer & Ottley take no time to win over longtime Spidey fans. From cover to cliffhanger, each issue has been a truly joyous experience worthy of a second read. This entire creative team is worth way more than the price of admission.

Brandon J. Griffin
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