Marvel Comics Announces Spotlight Video Series For Black Panther

Today Marvel Comics announced a new way to introduce new readers to Black Panther; a video series. The video is a blend of animated comics, commentary, and narration. The purpose is to bring T’Challa / Black Panther, who is going to be one of the breakout characters of Captain America: Civil War, to an audience that might not know anything about him.

Black Panther

The new comic series, written by Ta’Nehisi Coates and with art by Brian Stelfreeze was extremely well received in April and Marvel has decided it can help bolster interest in not only that series but the character through this series of hip hop inspired videos. “Black Panther #1 drove new fans into stores across the country, topping the sales charts and selling out in two days,” says Editor In Chief Axel Alonso. “This series of videos will direct even more eyes toward the most discussed comic book series – and character – of the year.”

The first video, Black Panther 101, is an introductory course for both new and old fans to take a look at the history of Black Panther, the country of Wakanda, and why he is so important to the history of Marvel Comics. Then, each month, a new Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet will be released with the issue of the Black Panther comic. The purpose of the videos will be education with motion graphics and “elevating hip-hop score from some of the world’s largest hip-hop acts.”


“After decades of great work done on Black Panther — everyone from Reginald Hudlin to Don McGregor to Christopher Priest — it really is an honor to be writing King T’Challa,” says Coates. “Add to that the masterful performance by Chadwick Boseman as the ruler of Wakanda and it really feels like this is Black Panther’s time.”

The videos are made by the production company Bow & Arrow and are an interesting way for Marvel to approach a character that is about to reach a whole new audience from Captain America: Civil War.

What do you think about this new video series from Marvel? Is it going to bring in new fans?

Quotes, video, and images provided by a press release from Marvel Comics.

Kaitlyn Booth
Kaitlyn Booth
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