Marvel Already Setting X-Men Fans Up For A Letdown In ‘ResurreXion’?

Marvel Comics’ solicitations for June have arrived. ResurreXion hasn’t even started yet and already they’re getting a head start on spoiling their own books. Marvel teases a, potentially, major returning character in X-Men: Blue #5.

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X-Men: Blue #5 cvr tease


Clearly the blurred out character is a claw-wielding mutant who favors the color scheme of army fatigues. The obvious guess is the return of our beloved James Howlett, the best at what he does, the original Wolverine. He’s been missing in action ever since he became an Adamantium sculpture in Death Of Wolverine.

Marvel is making an effort to “win back” the devoted X-Men fans they’ve been torturing for the past few years. This would be a major play, and would also help sell some comic books. Do you think that’s really who they’re teasing though? Wouldn’t it be a much bigger deal than two teaser images blurred out like the private parts of your character showering in The Sims?

Death Of Wolverine

Who else could this mystery mutant be? How about Logan’s son, Daken? If that’s the case, Marvel is about to make even more enemies. That would be pulling the rug out from under their loyal fans in the worst way.

Marvel is on thin ice with a lot of readers at the moment, even this approaching explosion of X-Men comics still leaves them with a short leash. If they continue to hype this issue up (they will) only to reveal a second-rate Wolverine, it’ll only come across as a cheap trick.


If it does end up being Daken, what in the world is he doing leading the young team of X-Men? What does this mean for Old Man Logan? He’s been one of the only bright spots in this dark era for X-Men comics. Considering the old man’s involvement in multiple ResurreXion titles, and his own ongoing series, it doesn’t seem he’s going anywhere. That’s another indication that this isn’t a return for Wolverine, most likely his son.

Here’s the teaser image for X-Men: Blue #6 as well, the title will be double-shipping.

X-Men: Blue #6 cvr

Who do you think Marvel is teasing? Are you going to be mad when it isn’t Wolverine? How much faith do you have in ResurreXion? Let us know in the comments below!

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