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With most Americans celebrating Labor Day, Mark Hamill takes time to tease his beloved Star Wars fan base regarding his role in Episode IX. Instead of smoking ribs on the grill or enjoying a beverage, Hamill is working. He did, however, take time to honor Labor Day via Twitter. Celebrating past generations who’ve made Labor Day possible, Hamill educates Twitter followers while teasing a clean-shaven face.

Doing what he does best, Hamill jokes about not being in the States for Labor Day. Included in the tweet are standard Labor Day post pics, along with Mark looking healthy and relaxed.

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Filming and production in England for Star Wars Episode IX is underway. And it appears Hamill’s joined the crew.

“I’ve always loved the irony of America celebrating Labor Day by NOT working,” a clean-shaven Hamill says. “Speaking of irony, I’m posting this a day early cuz at the moment I’m not in the good ol’ USA. And tomorrow (wait for it…) I HAVE TO GO TO WORK!”

Known for being loose-lipped about Star Wars secrets, Hamill is likely talking about filming for Episode IX. Leaked set photos show filming is taking place in mysterious jungle locations and England Airship sheds. Whether these locations are related to a Force ghost appearance from Hamill’s Luke Skywalker most likely won’t be confirmed.

Knowing the beard is no more, however, tips fandom off to a younger and healthier looking Skywalker in Episode IX, which is what most in the Star Wars fandom community want. Maybe, Disney does listen to its fans. With J.J. Abrams at the helm, it seems Episode IX is addressing fans concerns over the franchise.

Photos of the set locations recently surfaced, courtesy of MakingStarWars. Taken from Black Park near Pinewood Studios in England, it appears production is underway. Hamill confirming he’s leaving the States to “go to work,” leaves fans speculating if he’ll appear here as a Force ghost.

Leaked set photos from Star Wars Episode IX showing forest area
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In a recent interview with USA Today, Oscar Issac describes what might be taking place in this forested area. “(They) are guerrilla fighters, adhering closer to something like the Revolutionary War fighters or even the guerrillas in Cuba with Che and Fidel and all these guys living in the mountains, coming down to do some attacks, and going back and trying to hide from the ’empire’ of the United States. It’s that kind of ragged at this point.”

What role do you think Mark Hamill will play within this forested area in Star Wars Episode IX? Or is he pulling fandoms chain for laughs, by sporting a clean-shaven face? Let us know in the comments and share how you spent your Labor Day.

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