The story is going fast but the art makes it an enjoyable ride.

‘Made Men’ #2 Looks Beautiful But Feels Rushed

Detroit police officer Jutte Shelley (aka Jutte Frankenstein) has brought her ambushed squad back from the dead, but they’re… different, now. After all, Jutte didn’t have a lot of material left to work with, and a human being has THE strangest puzzle pieces. Still, the team—Ex, Gemini, Leo, and Hadry— is back together again, and it’s time to figure out exactly WHO issued the order to have them murdered, and also… maybe get laid? Because for some of them, it’s been a while.


After the last page reveal in the first issue, the readers were left with questions about who Jutte’s team was and what made them tick. The second issue finally takes the time to flesh them out. The team and all their little quirks are explained in detail and put on display. They are a very interesting bunch of individuals but something seems a bit off.

It all comes from the presentation. The issue introduces a lot of information and it borders on too much all at once. A bit of show-don’t-tell would have gone a long way. Considering it’s a comic, the media has option of going this route. This isn’t a slight against writer Paul Tobin, who still managed to introduced a plethora of interesting characters who it will very intriguing to follow in future installments. It just feels like the issue was a bit of an information dump, despite being an enjoyable one.

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Made Men


The art team once again stands out in spades. The pencils and inks by Arjuna Susini really help to convey some impressive bit of drama and emotion. Through the right level of presentation, the art makes you feel sympathy for Biz who is supposed to be an emotionless businessman as he breaks down in tears.

The colors by Gonzalo Duarte help to distinguish the present moments from the past. At the same time, the grim tone which was prominent in the previous issue is still front and center. This book has a style and wants to make sure the reader knows it.

Lettering work by Saida Temofonte really helps to drive the conversation through. A lot of attention is paid on making sure when to bold the words at the right moments throughout the issue to help drive the conversation forward.


Made Men still proves to be an intriguing take on the Frankenstein mythology. The second issue is hindered only by the eagerness to get out the story the team wants to tell because they fear cancellation. It’s a common dread especially with newer comic book series. Still, this is a good book and it should be given the opportunity to truly showcase what it has to offer.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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The story is going fast but the art makes it an enjoyable ride.'Made Men' #2 Looks Beautiful But Feels Rushed