Lucha Underground S2S4: The Temple Gets Sleazy & Pentagon Faces Puma

New Faces & New Match-Ups; Lucha Underground Is Heating Up!

The Lucha Underground Temple continues to welcome new faces while old faces begin to start turning on each other. This week’s episode of the hit El Rey Network show continued the story of Prince Puma’s road to re-claiming the gold as well as introducing us to independent wrestling icon Joey Ryan. Below are some of the major moments from the most recent Lucha Underground!

1. Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, & Angélico Fight The Crew!

-Following a promo where Ivelisse stormed into the Catrina office demanding a Trio’s Tag Title match, the female luchador was thrown into a match with her team against the returning Crew. The Crew is led by wrestling legend Chavo Guerrero; they came together last season to attack another wrestler named Texano. While The Crew is looking to further their name, the former champions of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, & Angélico are just trying to reclaim their gold. The match was quick and the former champs got the victory; the highlight of the match was Texano returning to attack Chavo & The Crew.

2. Johnny Mundo’s Promo
-Before the next match with his rival Cage, Johnny Mundo let the world know he is the most important wrestler in The Temple. He spoke about his impressive year last season and how he deserves a title shot; not fighting against ‘The Machine’. This was a great way to hype their match next week and I look forward to these vastly different wrestler going at it.

3. Joey Ryan Vs. ‘The Machine’ Cage

-What I thought was just going to be a warm-up for his match again Mundo turn into ‘The Machine’ Cage having quite the challenge. It’s also great to see the ‘Sleaze King’ Joey Ryan finally make his way to Lucha. The hairy-chested grappler has been a favorite of mine for many years now and seeing him go up against another favorite in Cage was quite the joy. Ryan held his own against the bigger man until Cage finally put him away with his variation of a vertical suplex pilvedriver. I look forward to more of Joey Ryan in Lucha Underground as he will continue to impress.

4. A History Lesson With Rey Mysterio
-In a backstage promo, Rey Mysterio trained with his protégé El Dragon Azteca Jr while giving out an important history lesson of why they are coming to The Temple. Starting back in 1992, Dario Cueto’s father came from Spain to Mexico, where he met El Dragon Azteca Sr. The two men formed a partnership and decided to find the descendants of the original 7 Aztec tribes. Cueto’s father became obsessed with the dark-side of this legend, so obsessed he even gave his newborn son over to the dark-side. The men had a falling out and promised to never step foot in each other’s territory. Now fast-forward to present day, Azteca Jr is about to enter Cueto’s area in an effort to unite the descendants of those 7 Aztec tribes.
Welcome to the wonderful world of pro-wrestling…

5. Prince Puma Vs. Pentagon Jr. Fight For The First Time

-While the conclusion of this match has some controversy, the bout between Prince Puma & Pentagon Jr. was one of the most stellar fights in Lucha history. Hard-hitting & high energy, the match was a hotly contested fight between two of the biggest stars in all of Lucha Underground. The ending of the match came after a series of big spots leading to Pentagon trying to get an interesting victory on Prince Puma but Puma at the last minute threw his shoulders off the mat. After the fall was counted, Pentagon thought he had the victory but the ref said Prince Puma was the victor. This questionable finale of the match will surely be a way to have these two great wrestlers face off again. But will the evil champion Mil Muertes get involved?

What did you think of this week’s episode of Lucha Underground? The drama is getting more intense & the wrestling is only getting better! Tune in next Wednesday to see more of the action!

EJ Moreno
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