Lucha Underground: The Season 2 Premiere- 5 Reasons To See This Show

Lucha Underground: If Pro Wrestling Was A Cult Horror Movie!

The Season 2 Premiere of El Rey Network’s original show Lucha Underground was an over-the-top extravaganza of wrestling, campy horror cliches, and wonderful storytelling!

If you are looking for a fun way to spend your Wednesday nights; you have to peek at Lucha Underground. The hybrid show ups the “fake” stories found in wrestling to something far more obscure allowing for more interesting characters & wilder adventures to take the viewers on. Mixing classic pro-wrestling with film worthy segments between each match, the show is unlike anything else.

Here’s 5 reasons the Season 2 premiere is a must see:


5. The First Season Featured An Arm Breaking Demon & A Dude Who Turned Into A Dragon!
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-Here’s quick recap of Season 1 to give you a taste of the madness that is Lucha Underground: The mad man Dario Cueto, who “created” this wrestling company, crafted a championship belt made of cursed aztec gold and welcomed any challenger to try to win the belt. This brought everyone from female wrestlers to Mexican luchador legends to the temple of violence. When we last saw Lucha Underground, Mil Muertes & partner in crime Catrina ruled over all of The Lucha Underground Temple by claiming all the titles and kicking out Dario!

4. The Heavyweight Champion Is Basically A Masked Vampire King.
-The entire premiere episode was being watched by the evil ruler Mil Muertes. He sat on a throne like chair above the arena and watched the competitors fight throughout the night. Another one of the crazy characters Lucha is known for, Mil Muertes (which translates to Thousand Deaths) is the current Heavyweight Champion of the company. With his sexy sidekick, the masked deadman gave the show an ominious presences. Simple & masterful camp storytelling at it’s finest!

3. The First Match Was A Stellar Stunt Show!
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-To kick off the action for the night was two luchadors named Fenix & King Cuerno. The ruthless King Cuerno is a “big game hunter”; he likes to fight for the big prizes so he is challenging Fenix for his “Gift Of The God’s” Championship. Fenix, who’s basically one of the only pure good guys in Lucha, won the “Gift Of The God’s” Championship last season which gives him a chance to turn in that belt at anytime for a shot at the heavyweight champion. If you want to see what pro-wrestling should look like, you have to see the match between the men! With amazing kicks, flips, and tricks…there was never a dull moment in this opener!

2. Former Trio Champions Faced Off!
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-Most wrestling companies have a tag team title where two people defend their title. Lucha Underground thought that was far too simple for their show so they decided to make a Trio’s Championship. The first Trio Champions were the random pairing of the masker biker Son of Havoc, the high flying Angélico, and tough chick Ivelisse and they defended their title until they couldn’t overcome the odds anymore. Now the title-less trio has to face each other per order of Catrina. The match was hard-hitting and fast paced; each member getting a moment to truly shine but the real star was Ivelisse. She stole the spotlight and eventually stole the win from her allies by rolling up Angélico!

1. A Female Wrestler Challenged The Champion!
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-Immediately following her sneaky win in the previous match, Ivelisse faced off against the giant Mil Muertes for his title. This match was one of the first times in recent memory where I can think of a women challenging the heavyweight champion of their company for a title. It was also the first time for a split-second I thought we’d see a female world heavyweight champion in wrestling! The match was obviously fairly one-sided once Muertes’s henchmen took out Ivelisse’s tag partners but that didn’t stop the feisty former trio champion from trying to kick the big bad’s ass.  The masked champion retained but before he could further harm Ivelisse, the returning former champion Prince Puma saved the day!

What’s to come on Episode 2 of Lucha Underground next Wednesday on El Rey Network?! 

Does this make you want to check out Lucha Underground? Did you catch the Season 2 Premiere?
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