Review: ‘Lucas Stand’ #2 – The Plot Now Thickens

The story for Lucas Stand begins to reach several intriguing points. Some of the faults I had with the first issue are more than remedied. And overall, this second issue helps to keep the reader invested to see how the rest of the story unfolds.

First, the issue of sudden time travel receives a little more context, so you better understand the full situation. But it isn’t so much that you’re unable to process the information quickly, which I appreciate.

Second, we get to know the antagonist in this issue, giving us an easier time to better ascertain how much of a threat the Tempter is to Stand. While I enjoy a villain with layers of personality to flesh out there characters, I have an limitless love for villains who are just plain evil.


Sort of like the “EVIL!” Mermaid Man screams out whenever he can.

Thirdly, we get to see Lucas trying to come to terms with everything going on around him. Let’s face it, he’s been through hell on earth, and is pretty much facing real hell if he doesn’t work with hell.

You’re not gonna leave that scenario without being a little messed up in the process.

The impact of his military career on him becomes more and more telling, since he seems to pine for those days often. Lucas gets to see firsthand one of the sins he’s trying to absolve from his soul. Seeing his first sin from this period says much about how he views his own past.

Seeing Stand’s actual relation with his family would be great to see at some point, since this appears to be a major influence on Stand’s outlook on the world. But this a minor issue to an otherwise fantastic story arc.

Though it’s clear that this universe is not in the Sons of Anarchy continuity, I would not find it hard to seeing Stand fitting with the Redwood Originals nicely.

The ending of issue two shows Stand in a precarious situation. And by precarious, I mean gallows. Sorry for the spoiler, but that ending is just wicked.

And then we have the artwork. Jesus Hervas and Adam MetCalfe both interpret the rough and darkness of the story perfectly. Even those not tainted by the dark forces are deep in the dark world around them.

This is a comic series I am truly enjoying and I want to see where the story goes.

Seth Frederiksen
Seth Frederiksen
A post-grad history buff who is addicted to comics and books, and lover of anything with the words "ice" and "cream" in it. I've been a huge Batman fan since I can remember, and have come to appreciate sequential art as literature and entertainment. Also I have a soft spot for dogs. Just saying.