LOVESICK Season Three Premieres on Netflix New Year’s Day

The British rom-com Lovesick (originally titled Scrotal Recall) will return to Netflix for its third season on January 1st, 2018. According to PremiereDate.News, all eight episodes of the third season will release together, like other Netflix original series. (Lovesick originally aired in the UK on Channel 4, but is now produced by Netflix.)

If you haven’t been keeping up with Lovesick, now might be the time to hop on the bandwagon. Their premiere season is only 6 episodes long, and the second set the 8-episode bar for the series. Many British programs have a limited-run format. Personally I’m hoping Lovesick follows that pattern, with season three rounding out the stories and wrapping up the series as a whole.

Lovesick Stands Out

Lovesick follows Dylan as he reflects on all his past relationships as he contacts all his exes to tell them he has chlamydia. Dylan and his best friends Evie, Luke, and Angus stumble through life and love in their 20s—but no matter how good or bad things get they all have each other at the end of the day. That is, until Dylan reconnects with ex-hook up Abigail, and the two begin a committed relationship together.

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Lovesick Netflix Angus
Angus, very drunk, and very excited about peeing in a pond.

What keeps Lovesick from disappearing in a sea of rom-com television shows? First of all, the show messes with timelines. Each episode tells a story in flashback, bookended by Dylan reflecting on what went wrong in the “current” timeline. All characters have flaws, sure, but none are overplayed for comedy. Most lend themselves to major character development at some point in the series. And as Dylan’s history with women continues, it never feels like a parade of one-night stands, or a history of hook-ups half-remembered—something that might have ruined the show if that is how it turned out.

Lovesick Netflix Dylan and LukePlayboy Luke has a deep, dark secret that subverts expectations without excusing his occasionally misogynistic behavior. And sweet, passive Angus goes on a journey you’ll never see coming. The characters truly love each other—a refreshing change from some American shows where half the humor relies on insults or unrealistic overreactions. The acting is nuanced and heartbreaking and soul-warming all at the right times.

Sick For More

Season two ended on a dramatically depressing note. For the sake of avoiding spoilers, I won’t say much—but once you catch up you’ll understand why fans sighed from collective relief upon the announcement of season three.

Lovesick stars Johnny Flynn (Dylan), Daniel Ings (Luke), Antonia Thomas (Evie) and Joshua McGuire (Angus). Hannah Britland co-stars as Abigail. Lovesick is produced by Clerkenwell Films, and written by creator Tom Edge.

Season three of Lovesick will be available on Netflix beginning at 12:00AM, January 1st, 2018 (EST).

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