Lost ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes ‘Power of the Daleks’ Remade With Animation

Doctor Who is one of the longest running shows on television and unfortunately 97 episodes from the first six years of show’s run has been lost, Season 3 to Season 5 being the worst affected. One of the biggest being the six-episode arc ‘Power of the Daleks’. The BBC have now announced they are going to broadcast an animated restoration.

‘The Power of the Daleks’ was originally broadcast on November 5, 1966, but the master tapes were recorded over, a common practice for the period. The restoration is set to air on BBC One 50 years to the day of the original showing, as well as a special screening at the BFI Southbank in London. The restoration will be shown on BBC America November 12 and released on DVD on November 21.


‘The Power of the Daleks’ was the story arc that shows The Doctor regenerate for the first time, being Patrick Troughton’s first appearance as The Doctor. The storyline sees The Doctor and his companions Ben (Michael Craze) and Polly (Anneke Wills) arrive on a human colony on the planet Vulcan (no relations to Star Trek planet) and the Daleks are pretending to be servants of the colonists.

The restoration has been directed and produced by Charles Norton, working with the team that restored a lost episode of Dad’s Army that was released earlier this year. Martin Geraghty and Adrian Salmon, artists on the Doctor Who comics, have worked on the restoration. The restoration is based on film clips, storyboards, photographs and audio recordings featuring the original cast.

The restoration should be an exciting prospect for fans of the classic series as well as the modern show.


Kieran Freemantle
Kieran Freemantle
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