Live “Sailor Moon” Musical Coming to American Movie Theatres

Live-action Sailor Moon musicals are nothing new to Japanese audiences. However, the trend of adapting the popular 90s anime never quite transitioned to the American viewership. Until now.

Thanks to CineLife Entertainment, a Sailor Moon live-action musical is coming to limited American movie theatres beginning March 10th.[easy-tweet tweet=”Thanks to CineLife Entertainment, a Sailor Moon live-action musical is coming to limited American movie theatres beginning March 10th.” user=”Jenisaur” hashtags=”#sailormoonlive”]

Sailor Moon on the Big Screen in America

In true Sailor Moon fashion, the show has a million words in its full title. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical-Le Mouvement Final loosely follows the plot of the “S” or “Stars” arc. After Mamoru leaves for America, the Three Lights appear and cause trouble. Chibi-Chibi drops from the sky like Chibi-Usa before her, but is she on the side of good or evil?
Sailor Moon Live Action
After a while, you get used to kids showing up from nowhere.
The Sailor Guardians/Sailor Starlights arrive along with Chibi-Chibi. The Guardians plan to steal the Sailor crystals that give the Scouts their power. Is Chibi-Chibi working alongside them?
The Sailor scouts have to defeat the Shadow Galactica, protect the crystals, and keep the Three Lights from their nefarious deeds. Then maybe they’ll get around to their homework.
Sailor Moon Star is the final arc in the Sailor Moon saga.

Celebrating 25 Years

The Musical-Le Mouvement Final comes to America just in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sailor Moon’s original Japanese release. While this event will bring live-action Sailor Moon to America for the first time, musical adaptations of the series are nothing new in Japan. According to Mark Rupp, Managing Director for CineLife Entertainment, “In Japan, the Sailor Moon musical adaptations have been a fan favorite for years and we are excited to bring this major cinema event to manga and anime fans across the U.S.”


Other celebrations honoring Sailor Moon in Japan this year include a 25th Anniversary Orchestral Concert, and Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D, a new attraction at Universal Studios Japan.

Audiences are encouraged to cosplay at screenings and sing along with songs if they can! For a complete list of theatres that will show The Musical Le-Mouvement Final, check CineLife And let us know what you think if you see the show.

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