Let The Speculation Begin: Could a Walking Dead Movie Work?

The speculation is in full swing, Scott M. Gimple has put the word out that The Walking Dead could be a movie someday. As the show is already in its seventh season, this looks to be a distant possibility. Yet in the land of what if, could it actually happen? Considering the series has years of material ahead of it, it won’t be happening for awhile. How would a movie work though? That’s what I’ve been pondering in my mind, how in the world would this work? Let’s try and ponder this a minute as I dive into this and try and figure out if a Walking Dead movie is even necessary. At this stage of the game, while it is successful, success on TV and success in the movies are two different things.

The Walking Dead is a Strong Franchise but could it translate to the big screen?

For one thing, The Walking Dead is a franchise that makes more sense as a TV series. Sure you can make anything into a movie but this is one comic that would be tough to translate to movies. It would be strange to see as a film series. Sure you could recast the characters from the comics for a movie, but why? People have spent seven seasons with these characters on TV and the comic has been around for thirteen years. For a comic audience, you might be able to get away with a movie and be fine. A majority of viewers of a potential movie would be coming from TV and that would be tough as nails to pull off. Why tough as nails? The cast of the Walking Dead series is just as important as anything else.

I just don’t know if a movie is even necessary.

Outside of the story of the show, a lot of the cast of that show is one that people have gotten to know over the seven seasons. While the cast has had many changes, the ones that have remained are still popular people in the show. I do have one idea that could work for a potential movie, set it as a trilogy off the bat. The series did change aspects of the comic, maybe make Andrea a stronger character for example. Not going to kid you if a movie made Andrea a strong character in a movie series, it could help. Then again though even with improvements to characters and a bigger budget, there’s only so much more you could do.


I’m not against the idea of a movie but with every villain that’s in the show, it would be tough to build as a two or even three-hour-long movie. You could make Shane the first villain of sorts in the first movie then have the next two of a trilogy build The Governor. There’s a lot you could do but still, the TV series has done such a good job with the comics, why a movie?

If The Walking Dead ends up being a movie, I’m not against the idea. I don’t think it’s needed but if they do it, I’m game to give this a shot. If Robert Kirkman wants his baby on the big screen, more power to him.


Wesley Messer
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