With Kevin Owens As Universal Champion, What Does It Mean For WWE?

The WWE Raw Brand Has A New Champion And His Name Is Kevin Owens!

So after that Fatal-4-Way elimination match that ended the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, where do we go from here? Possibilities seem endless with Kevin Owens as champion. Now the new face of Raw since the brand split and Finn Balor’s injury, this will be an interesting couple of months.

If it even last that long…

With WWE booking, anything is possible. We just saw Sasha Banks have her Women’s Championship cut short so the title quickly leaving Kevin Owens wouldn’t be shocking. But hopefully WWE Creative realizes this really is the best move for business. Owens in one hell of a worker who has busted his ass for years and years to get here. This is a well deserved win and a shocking turn of events.

Kevin Owens

This main event saw the return of Triple H where he attacked both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, which allowed Owens to score the pin. What does this mean for the future? Are the two men working together now?

In September, Raw is hosting their brand exclusive live event on the WWE Network. The show will be titled Clash Of Champions so obvious the new Universal Champion will be main eventing. Will the two men screwed in this match seek revenge on Triple H and new champion Kevin Owens?

A Triple Threat for the title would be an interesting main event and be an easy way for Owens to walk away champion without hurting the other men’s reputation.

The landscape of WWE was changed dramatically after the Draft a month ago and now we are seeing the impact. A former independent wrestler is the champion of the biggest show in all of wrestling. It’s mind-blowing as a fan. WWE Raw has now gotten much more intriguing and Smackdown will have to try to keep up.

What do you think of Kevin Owens as champion?

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