Kevin Feige Has Inspiring Words For Spider-Man In The MCU

“It’s not about when you show up, it’s about what you do once you’re there,” said Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

Fiege said this in reference to Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an interview with IGN. The MCU guru also talked about what it means to have Peter Parker where he belongs now that marvel and Sony have worked out a deal with the movie rights.

“Making that agreement … was great, and was really amazing, and on a personal level making these movies, it means a lot because I think we can do great things with Spider-Man. I think Spider-man can serve a great purpose in our universe and that’s where he belongs. That was what was unique about him in the comics was not that he was the only superhero in the world; it’s that he was a totally different kind of superhero when compared against all the other ones in the Marvel universe at the time,” said Feige.

How excited are you, now that Spider-Man will fight alongside the Avengers?

The first time you will see your favorite Wall-Crawler is on May 6, 2016 in Captain America: Civil War.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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