Kate Bishop Becomes “Hawkeye” In Her New Solo Comic Book

In a recent interview with io9, comics creator Kelly Thompson discussed the all-new Hawkeye series where Kate Bishop gets promoted from sidekick to main hero.

What Do Kate Bishop and Veronica Mars Have In Common?

kate-bishop-cover-jpgThomson had a lot to say about the trouble Kate will get into and out of in Hawkeye. She described the feel of the series as “Veronica Mars with superheroes… Kate will be taking on P.I. cases – both her own personal mission that brought her back to L.A., and the clients she finds.” Thompson also explains the series will pick up where the Fraction/Aja/Wu series left off, in both plot and character development.

Everything Old is Young Again (Unless it’s Clint)

Thompson gives credit to both Fraction’s Hawkeye and the Gillen/McKelvie run of Young Avengers for making a Kate Bishop-led book possible. Kate was introduced in Young Avengers over a decade ago. However, Hawkeye reintroduced Bishop to readers when it blew up online. The series was helped by Clint’s role in Avengers films, though Fraction’s unique approach to storytelling boosted also its popularity. Readers were pulled in by the social media buzz, and stuck around for the banter between Bishop and Barton.

Young Avengers, where Kate made her debut,  showed her with superheroes her own age. Thompson alludes to a possible appearance in the new book from another Young Avenger. “I love the Kate-America friendship, so yes, I’m going to do everything I can to get her in the book. Editor Sana Amanat and I have already talked about what that arc should look like, but I don’t like to over promise. You’d be surprised how quickly the landscape can change on these things. I’ve been burned before!”

Hawkeye is written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire.

Hawkeye #1 hits shelves this December.

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