Jonesy #1 (of 4) Review: Valentine’s Day Was Only the Beginning

Valentine’s Day is not always the most super fun and romantic holiday of the year. Sometimes it can be the most emotionally and mentally strenuous. Popular kids get all the attention, all the gifts and all the laughs. So when will the normal girls get their chance? When will Jonesy get her chance? In Boom! Studio’s new Jonesy #1, Jonesy will make sure she has her heart-filled day or she will make it her mission to create the perfect Valentine’s Day revenge.

Jonesy #1 Main CVRAfter receiving only one measly carnation from her school’s Valentines fundraiser event, Jonesy finds herself the butt of the popular girls’ jokes. She may not be the smartest or most beautiful, but she does not deserve to be ridiculed. So Jonesy decides to take Valentine’s Day into her own hands. Using her special, super secret, magical ability, she will get her revenge. Even if it is the last thing she does… Today!

Sam Humphries and Caitlin Rose Boyle’s Jonesy #1 has all the elements of the early-teen comedy. Cute, romantic gestures, silly Anime references and ends with an important moral that teaches some random lesson that creates a new friendship or builds a stronger character. Though not always the first pick-up for the mature reader, these small pieces make it a perfect pick up for the pre-teen to mid-20’s readers.

Humphries (Weirdworld) writes a character so innocent that you cannot help but love her. Yet so maniacal that you will find yourself tapping your fingers and chuckling a-la-Mr.-Burns as Jonesy goes about her dastardly deeds. Humphries truly captures the nature of the modern young-teen girl through language and attitude. Jonesy is proud of her individuality yet secretly wishes for camaraderie and appreciation by those considered “popular”. She watches anime and even creates “ships” between her favorite characters, just like any other teen romantically devoted to a television series. Oh! And she has a magic power.Jonesy #1 O'Malley CVR B

With colorist Mickey Quinn, Caitlin Rose Boyle designs a world of popping colors, fluffy hair and huge, expressive eyes. Similar to the circular art mannerisms of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time or Steven Universe, Boyle plays with youthful animation that keeps the audience’s eyes on each character’s faces, gestures and emotions. This lessens the need for attention on the backgrounds and any extra bits irrelevant to the main story. You read the book as it is and not speculate what it could be.

The colors are direct: the blues are blues, the pinks are pink. There is no over-the-top sexual objectification, no oddly shaped features or unbelievable characteristics. There is far less contextualizing and effects within the art. But this book was never made for the snooty art critic. Jonesy was created for the young reader and young-reader-at-heart. Those who wish to enjoy a book for its simplicity yet relatable(ish) storytelling.

Boom! Studios has brought us Jonesy #1, an adorable new Valentines story that will have you plotting super cute revenge and falling in love in the most unexpected ways. Though this story may not reverberate strongly among a portion of the older comics clientele, Jonesy is a cute foray that can be picked up comfortably by those young and young-at-heart.

Make sure to stop by your local comics retailer and pick up Jonesy #1.

Heather Hurt
Heather Hurt
This is a story of a young girl. This girl was known as a "Nerd". As a child she would watch over the Streets of Gotham with Batman, explore new worlds and new civilizations with Captain Jean-Luc Picard or she would be adventuring through the Woods and Forests of Middle Earth with Gandalf the Grey. As the young girl grew, her love of imagination drove her to a life filled with Comics, Literature and Film. There, in her Nerdy World, she now lives happily ever after. Oh... And she also Manages The Comic Shop in Northern Virginia!