Jessica Jones Is Going To Be Sexual

New York Comic Con was a big weekend for Marvel’s Netflix shows. A thirty-second teaser for the new season of Daredevil was released. Three of the four Defenders gathered. And of course we learned much more about Jessica Jones, mainly that this will be the first Marvel Cinematic Universe property with a rather crude sex scene with Luke Cage that is directly lifted from the comics.

No this is not the image I’m referring too.

Vulture Reports the breakdown of the scene:

“Smash cut to Luke on top of Jessica in his bed, going at it with a sexual fury unlike anything Marvel (or DC, for that matter) has even come close to putting on-screen. She eggs him on, and when he warns her that she might not be able to take it, she insists she can. At that point, he flips her over and starts taking her from behind while the camera focuses on her impassioned face. It’s a scene where Jessica is in total control of her sexuality. Whatever her reason may be for banging Luke, she’s doing it on her terms. It’s the way real-life grown-ups have sex, not the way neutered TV superheroes do. The audience at Comic Con seemed to simultaneously clutch its pearls and lean forward in titillated fascination.”

This will be the beginning of their relationship on the show, which started as a simple no strings attached deal, then blossomed into a marriage and parenthood.

Yes they have a baby, and yes it’s adorable.

The Vulture article also dishes out an implied former romance between Jessica Jones and future superhero Trish Walker (A.K.A Hellcat), Carrie-Anne Moss playing a lesbian gender-swapped version of an Iron Fist character named Jeryn Hogarth, and a disturbing discussion of rape. Jessica Jones hasn’t come out yet, and it’s already daring to go further than other superhero shows/movies.

Sure, there have been gay and lesbian characters in other shows (Agents of SHIELD, ArrowThe Flash, Gotham), but sexuality hasn’t really been explored in any of those shows. And when there is a sex scene, it’s usually very safe, sensual, and rarely realistic. As Vulture states, this is more adult in terms of sexuality, and behavior.

The really interesting question is, “how is this going to go over with audiences?” Those who were huge fans of Daredevil (like myself) welcomed the drastic tone shift from the traditional MCU formula. Jessica Jones looks like it will be the least Marvel-like project yet, and that might be a mixed blessing. On one hand, fans of these Netflix shows will embrace the dark and gritty attitude and might be more open to superhero fiction that is more sexual; however Jessica Jones might be alienating to die-hard fans of the upbeat Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What do you guys think? Are you happy to see something more sexual from Marvel? Or do you think they should stick with the quip heavy dialogue and upbeat story telling?

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Nick Enquist
Nick Enquist
Nick Enquist writes opinion pieces and reviews of comic books, movies, and TV shows for Monkeys Fighting Robots.