Jessica Chastain Will Be ‘Painkiller Jane’

Jessica Chastain is set to star in, and produce, an adaptation of the graphic novel series Painkiller Jane.

The popular graphic novel series will get the film treatment, and here’s a layout of the story from Deadline for anyone unfamiliar:

Chastain… will play Jane Vasko, a New York City street cop who gets recruited by the FBI to infiltrate a major NYC drug and human trafficking ring. In a near death experience, Jane develops exceptional regenerative abilities that give her a unique indestructible advantage. With nothing to live for and no way to die, Painkiller Jane becomes an unstoppable force of nature seeking revenge to those who destroyed her life as she leaves a path of death and destruction in her wake.

The series, from Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada, seems tailor-made for a tough female star. Chastain will be a perfect fit.


There are no further details on Painkiller Jane regarding co-stars, a director, or release date. Stay tuned for those as we get them.


Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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