Jensen Ackles Announces Twins On The Way Via Clever Facebook Photo

Jensen Ackles announced on his facebook page this afternoon that his wife is having twins. This is interesting news considering that Supernatural, the show on which Ackles has been playing bad boy heartthrob Dean Winchester for 11 years, was just renewed for yet another “final” season.

So, is the double baby attack enough for Ackles to hang up the family business in favor of…family business?

Jensen Ackles babies


Most of the main cast of Supernatural has children now, including the “angelic” Misha Collins, who films youtube videos with his brood. However, the added pressure of having twins while still raising a toddler may be too much for Ackles to add to his plate. Both Ackles and co-star Jared Padalecki have discussed the stressors of balancing life and career, especially when their show films largely in Canada while both have family homes back in Texas. Ackles’ Texas roots are likely what inspired using cowboy boots for the announcement in the first place.

Now that the CW is widening its portfolio to include DC shows galore, maybe they won’t rely so heavily on Supernatural to carry the station.

Or maybe absolutely nothing will change and the kids will join the show in season thirty. How do you think this will affect the Winchesters?

Jen Schiller
Jen Schiller
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