Jason Momoa To Bring Back ‘The Crow’

Jason Momoa just can’t get enough attention in the geek community it seems. On top of being a part of Stargate Atlantis, being the legendary Dothraki warrior Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, and now playing Aquaman in the new DC Cinematic Universe, he has another iconic character he wishes to portray. He hopes to be guided back from the after life by the power of a crow.

Yes, Jason Momoa is now the prime candiate to be play Eric Draven, the main character of The Crow. The cult movie was originally a comic book by James O’Barr and told the story of a man whose soul was brought back from the dead by a crow to get revenge on those who killed him and his girlfriend. The role was originally brought to the screen by Brandon Lee who was unable to finish production because of an accident on screen. Three sequels came out but were not greeted with the same success as the original film. There was also a TV series called Crow: Stairway to Heaven but many fans forget it was ever made.

No word has been give on when the film will be released. Corin Hardy (The Hallow) is set to direct the film. He will replace F. Javier Gutierrez who was supposed to direct the film but has now moved into an executive producer role intead.

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The Crow

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