James Cameron Continues to Mine Old Material, Will Bring ‘True Lies’ To TV

James Cameron has spent the better part of 2017 – and most of 2016 – criticizing female superheroes, directing endless Avatar sequels nobody asked for, and rebooting the Terminator franchise despite the world having kinda moved on. And now, he’s decided to tap into another one of the movies he made that was good back when he was into that: True Lies.

Cameron and 20th Century Fox TV are bringing the Arnold Schwarzenegger spy/comedy to television. And even better, McG will direct the pilot! Talk about a white dude failing upwards…

True Lies is still good, at least to me, even if it is #problematic for some. It’s fun and frivolous and Jamie Lee Curtis is aces. Not that we need a TV series, though, because aren’t all these NCIS-type shows a sort of action comedy spy movie thing? At least in some sense they are, and I can’t imagine any more creative energy going into this.


As for James Cameron, its weird to see the former great dismantle his own career by dedicating so much time to Avatar, rebooting old crap nobody cares about anymore, or just being terrible in general.


Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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