Interview: Grant DeArmitt and Lane Lloyd Talk HUNT FOR THE SOLAVORE

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Zac talks with writer Grant DeArmitt and artist Lane Lloyd about their current Kickstarter project, HUNT FOR THE SOLAVORE – A Space Opera of Cosmic Horror.

Grant talks about where some of his ideas came from and some of the other comics that have influenced his work. Lane discusses what it’s been like moving from being both a writer and artist to primarily an artist. These two are some of the coolest people in the industry and they’re lots of fun to talk to!

HUNT FOR THE SOLAVORE is everything you want in a comic. It’s one part Lord of the Rings, two parts Star Wars and all parts Jack Kirby. Check out the project and please back it if you can!

Zac Owens
Zac Owens
A world traveler and all-around nerdy guy, Zac is a DC fan and aspiring comic book writer. When he's not writing and editing for Monkeys Fighting Robots, he's carefully fitting more books onto his already-dangerously-overstuffed bookshelf. He lives in Halifax, NS for the moment. That is, until his Green Lantern ring comes in...