Inspired by True Events, Scout Comics Unveils NORTH BEND for 2019 Debut

A secret CIA program during the Cold War is getting the graphic-novel treatment at Scout Comics, from the creative team of Ryan Ellsworth and Pablo De Bonis, dubbed North Bend.

The series will highlight Project MK Ultra, a secret program that occurred where people, without their knowledge or consent, fell victim to experimental drugs and mind-control methods. The country, on the verge of economic collapse, including a political revolution, will need a CIA recruit, a Seattle DEA, Brendan Kruge, to test these methods on unwitting citizens.

“Scout is very excited to present such a fresh representation of a dark yet fascinating subject matter,” said Scout President James Haick. “We love what the creative team has put together and truly believe our ‘Scout Mavericks’ will as well.”

North Bend #1 will land on shelves in 2019. For more information regarding this upcoming series or any other Scout titles, please contact Publisher James Pruett at:

Check out the cover for the first issue, including a peek at some interior pages, below.

Michael Stagno
Michael Stagno
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