Inhumans Vs. X-Men Ends On A High Note

The major crossover event pitting mutants against Inhumans reaches it’s final issue. The X-Men fanbase anxiously awaits the nearing ResurreXion overhaul, this crossover was the last major event standing in their way. While it wasn’t the most effective event through every issue, Inhumans Vs. X-Men ends on a high note.

The Inhumans need the Terrigen cloud to birth more of their kind. With the cloud continuing to engulf the planet, mutants are at risk of extinction as Terrigen is deadly to X-Gene carriers. The final epic showdown between the two groups comes with the future of their kind at stake.

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Big action, creative battles, deception, and major character changes make this book a worthwhile experience. Emma Frost is at the center of it all, fooling everyone into a battle to the death. She reveals her plan to exterminate all Inhumans in the name of her departed lover, Cyclops.


Frost emerges as a clear villain for the first time in a long time, not only of the Royal Attilan Family, but mutants as well. She even manages to make an enemy out of Magneto by toying with his mind. With older Scott Summers still dead, the “White Queen” no longer has a stake in Xavier’s dream. Her devolution back to villainy feels natural and earned.

Once the Terrigen threat is eliminated and Emma Frost reveals her agenda, the X-Men kick the heroics into high gear. The Anti-Inhuman Sentinels we’re a nice touch, providing the two warring factions with a common enemy; one the Mutants know all too well.

Medusa steps up a few times to prove why she’s a real Queen. She also ends her relationship with Johnny Storm to rekindle her marriage with Black Bolt. When the dust settles, the X-Men aren’t the only ones set up for a more promising comic book future; the Inhumans are as well.

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Writers Charles Soule and Jeff Lemeire tie this event up nicely. Returning characters to their former glory and drawing new lines in the sand. “IVX” may have been drawn out and a little much at times, but the final chapter is well crafted.

Visually the final chapter of Inhumans Vs. X-Men gets the job done as well. The massive battles are stunning and explosive. It took five issues to get here, but once the fireworks start it’s definitely entertaining comic book action. Gerry Alanguilan and Leinil Yu combine to deliver what the event promised, Inhumans fighting X-Men.

Fans can share a collective sigh of relief as the crossover event has finally drawn to a close. Marvel promised us bigger but and better X-Stories and now it’s time to get there. Hopefully this dark period in X-Men comic book history can quickly be put behind us.

As a whole, “IVX” takes a long time to pick up steam. The middle issues were mostly kicking tires, probably Marvel forcing their writers to extend a shorter story. After all is said and done, readers could pick up just the first and last issue and not really miss anything too crucial.

Inhumans & X-Men Prime

It’s finally over! Time to move on and have fun with X-Men again! Bring on ResurreXion!

Did you enjoy the final issue? Was this event to your liking? Are you excited for ResurreXion? Let us know in the comments!

Brandon J. Griffin
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