‘Inhumans Prime’ #1: Let The Great Inhumans Relaunch Begin!

Here’s the simple truth with Inhumans Prime #1, it’s Marvel making their latest push for the Inhumans franchise. By golly, they want Inhumans to happen and they are going to make it happen. This issue is Marvel’s way of establishing the next line of comics for this franchise. Already this one-shot story has a lot to prove to get people onboard this line of books. Especially with a TV series on the way too. Al Ewing is one of Marvel’s best writers and even with his pedigree he is going to have a rough time to sell me and readers on this. So, enough of the introduction of fun and wonders. I cannot delay any further as I begin my adventure into Inhumans Prime #1.

Here is how we’re going to break down Inhumans Prime #1, we’re going to start out with is this thing friendly to a new reader?

Inhumans Prime #1 Cover Marvel Comics

Seriously is this comic friendly to a new reader?

This is a tough call. The ultimate story here is about the Inhumans figuring out how they fit in now. This explores the aspects of how the Inhumans are going to operate from now on, that’s a cool idea. If I was someone walking in off the street though, I’d be wondering what is happening here. Al Ewing breaks down many ideas and sets up a lot of the new concepts, yet making a connection to anything is rough. You get a cool battle scene to start with and a neat introduction or two, but it never gels together as much as you’d like. Yes, potentially a new reader could dive into this but it would be tough. Though there are some shining spots to the comic which I do definitely want to mention. It’s not all negativity here folks.


So what are the cool parts of this comic?

I would say the best aspects are the parts that play the smallest roles in the book. The potential setup for whatever Black Bolt is up to has potential. However this Maximus story plays out has a lot of potential too. There’s also a cool bit with one unlikely character that sets up many upon many cool ideas. I like the character of Captain Swain, she’s a lot of fun so wherever she shows up, I’m in. There is stuff to like here and I will be curious how the idea of royalty in the Inhumans sorts itself out. This could be interesting to see play out. There is stuff to definitely keep an eye on, I just wish that it could have had a more organized feel to it. I was supposed to be focusing on the cool parts but, man this comic is rough.

Inhumans Prime #1 Double Page Spread Marvel Comics

Well I guess that went well, what do you think about the art in Inhumans Prime?

Oh man, okay so I hemmed and hawed about this one. I saw the art team here and immediately I got curious. I saw Ryan Sook and I cheered because Sook doesn’t do interiors often and that’s cool. Then there’s a new or at least new to me artist here named Chris Allen. I’m not sure how the art duties were separated here but this was a mixed bag of tricks. For one thing there are talented inkers involved, Sook is an inker here along with Walden Wong and Keith Champagne. Paul Mounts is a strong colorist so on paper this shouldn’t be a bad looking comic. Sadly this becomes a mess of a comic art wise with shining moments here and there. Which is where I need to explain myself further as to why this is a mess.

I wish I could figure out how the art is divvied up here. Some of the art looks great, especially at the beginning. The double page splash with the Inhumans is beautiful for one thing. Most of the opening pages look amazing. Then as the comic rolls on the art gets a bit rougher. Expressions start looking weirder and it doesn’t work well at all. The inking and coloring does help but it only helps so much in hiding a rough looking set of pages. It’s one of the rougher looking books art wise I have dealt with from a big company in quite a long time. I’m trying not to be a jerk but I can’t help but notice the rough aspects of a comic. Especially when the rough parts hit me like a beam of light on a dark and stormy night.

Inhumans Prime #1 Villains Marvel Comics

Oh well, I guess that could have been worse. So is Inhumans Prime #1 worth grabbing?

It depends, if you really like the Inhumans you may like this a lot more. There is stuff to like here and I do plan on checking out the line as there are things within that have my attention. If you are only a casual fan though, you’ll probably want to skip this one. It’s not essential reading by any means as the books than spin out of this will work just as well on their own. I also hate not liking this more because I really do dig Al Ewing’s writing. Sadly though, everyone has an off day and this one just happened to miss more than hit. A shame but it doesn’t turn me off his writing, just didn’t work as well as I liked and that’s okay.

May as well wrap the Inhumans Prime adventure up now by golly. Oh what a ride indeed.

That was Inhumans Prime #1, it had some high spots and a whole lot of low spots. This was one of the tougher books for me to read in a long time. At least I can say that I gave it a go and hopefully the rest of the Inhumans line is better than this. It can’t help but be better than this.






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