'Infamous Iron Man' is doing a lot of things for Marvel that people are starving for. Bendis & Maleev are as great as they've ever been together. Issue #10 is crucial for the series, the character, and the entire Marvel universe.
Infamous Iron Man #10

‘Infamous Iron Man’ Helping Fill The Fantastic Four Void

Infamous Iron Man #10 came out this week. Writer Brian Michael Bendis has been taking an old comic book trope down a different path.

Infamous Iron Man 10 cvr

Victor Von Doom found himself in a tight spot but his long lost sorceress mother bailed him out. She shares with him “The Tear” and a new form of mystic arts. Meanwhile Ben Grimm continues investigating Doom in an effort to stop this Iron Man “charade”.

Bendis is delivering a “replacement hero” story without feeling stale. He’s also doing so without shying away from the long and twisted history of DOOM.

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Doom & mommy

The already complex character of Von Doom gets even more layered as Bendis dives into his past and relationship with his estranged mother. The scene with a young Vic and his mother shows the character’s initial reluctance to the world of sorcery.

Infamous Iron Man (along with Ultimates) has been helping to fill the void in our hearts left by the absent Fantastic Four.


The concept of “The Tear” being the place where the two pre-Secret Wars universes existed is undoubtedly cool. This continues to push the idea that Marvel may have plans for the lost worlds that could tie into Secret Empire‘s finale and Marvel Legacy.

Water color and mystic arts go hand-in-hand, there’s been no shortage of beautiful art in the series thus far. Matt Hollingsworth has been putting on a show with the color direction in every issue.

Doom mom water color

The Bendis/Maleev combo hasn’t lost any of its magic from their run on Daredevil. A heavy and rustic look gives the comic an added sense of importance. Which is extremely necessary for a book starring DOOM.

Ten issues in and the series hasn’t lost any momentum. Infamous Iron Man provides readers with a juicy scenario and takes it so many different places as Doom has never been the master of just one realm.

The farther we go into the psyche of what Victor is trying to do and why, the more this story stakes its claim as one of the best to use this trope. Bendis’ masterful pace for the title keeps us coming back hungry every month.

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