‘In Rotation’: My Top 5 Albums Of The Week That You Need To Hear

In Rotation, a listicle for music lovers, and seekers of new and different things to listen to. So, if you’re looking for new music, something different, or maybe music to suit your mood this week, here is the place to get a diverse offering each week.

In Rotation this week there is multi vocal Indie Rock Opera effort, Indie/Experimental/Melodic Hardcore group, a unique Screamo/Piano Rock/Rap/Experimental band, a well-known Gothic/Emotive Punk Rock band, and an Alternative Rock/Classical piano/Hard Rock group that make up this week’s playlist.

Belated, sadly, but better late than never. Let’s dive in. Shall we?





Artist: Broken Social Scene
Album: Self-Titled

Apparently, in the ‘Broken Social Scene,’ there is a lot going on. A scene (band) who has roughly 22 members singing and playing various instruments, and isn’t Slipknot, is pretty wild in and of itself. Their music is grungy and distorted, yet still Indie Pop Rock and anthematic with their several singers ensemble. However, not quite at a Polyphonic Spree level.

For fans of Death Cab for Cutie, Japandroids, or other bands of that nature, you can find something to love in giving this a spin.



Artist: Modest Mouse
Album: Lonesome Crowded West

The weirdness of Modest Mouse is already a fairly well-known commodity in the music industry, but not nearly as odd and heavy as this lesser known album Lonesome Crowded West. Past this musical juxtaposition, Modest Mouse’s music became a little more controlled and focused. However, the melodic hardcore chaos this album contains is what makes it so unique and a pleasure to listen to.

If you are a Modest Mouse fan, why haven’t you listened to it? If you are not, why haven’t you listened to it yet?


Artist: Trophy Scars
Album: Alphabets. Alphabets.

Trophy Scars is certainly unlike many bands you have heard of or listened to thus far, unless you have heard of the disbanded group The Natalie Fight. Still, Screamo, Rap, Southern Piano Rock, Experimental, Progressive Rock, and story teller-like Indie Rock/Country at times, all describe this effective album of unique sounds.

Trophy Scars’ music is expertly played, and its vocalist ranges from whispers and raspy singing to a sing-song like high pitch screaming, but never is he excessive or repetitive.

If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned genres, or looking for something unique, give this a spin.



Artist: Alkaline Trio
Album: Good Mourning

Matt Skiba has already been a part of In Rotation with his side project Heavens, but his original and fan favorite band Alkaline Trio is where most of his best work resides. The music on the album Good Mourning was the culmination of their dark brand of Punk Rock that was truly pitch perfect for this album.

Carefully crafted dark melodies of the macabre and torrid romance make this their most worthwhile album, and of course, for anyone whom this style appeals to.

If you listen to any one Alkaline Trio album, this is the one to give a spin.



Artist: Muse
Album: Absolution

It is hard to believe Muse’s masterpiece of album, Absolution, is already over a decade old, but it is. A band that traverses the very diverse pathways of Alternative Rock and Classical music genres, and occasionally blends them together in an anthematic and unique way.

Absolution is unlike anything Muse has produced before or since. Beautifully crafted classical elements blended with heavily distorted bass, lead and rhythm guitar, and even the vocals at times share this overall tonal touch.

If you love thunderous, anthematic music, creative classical piano, and Alt Rock distorted guitars, then this is the perfect album to take for a spin.



This concludes this week’s In Rotation music listing, and come back next week for another eclectic helping of the new, the old, and the weird in music. Thank you for taking a short journey into a vast collection of various genres that hopefully will give you something new to listen to this week.

Stay tuned or next week’s In Rotation.

[Images Courtesy Of The Respective Bands In This List]

David Joseph
David Joseph
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