Image Comics Founders Bash DC Comics ‘Rebirth’

Back in 1992, a hand full of creators left Marvel and DC Comics to form the independent comic book label Image Comics. A lot has changed over the past 24 years, but Rob Liefeld and Erik Larsen are still not a fan of micromanagement. The two had strong words for DC Comics’ ‘Rebirth’ and DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan Didio.


Larsen and Liefeld had a lengthy Twitter exchange over the weekend and finished the conversation pulling no punches with the above tweets.

“There’s stupid and then there’s DC stupid,” said Larsen.

“What has Dan Didio contributed to comics history? What’s his milestone marker?” said Liefeld.

DC Comics ‘Rebirth’ is reported to take two years to unfold and relaunch the DC Universe. Geoff Johns and Didio claim that this will not be a reboot. According to Bleeding Cool, Johns has been working in conjunction with all writers tasked with a ‘Rebirth’ title to seed storylines and plot points.

Do you think DC’s ‘Rebirth’ with stifle creativity over the next two years?

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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